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  1. BAD DOCTOR!!!

    At UW, they hired standardized patients for us to practice on. And FYI the "anal wink" is a reflex when you insert your finger into the rectum and then squeeze the glans of the penis, your supposed to feel a contraction of the external sphincter muscle, although not everybody has it...
  2. Bourbon

    Bourbon is nice if its decent stuff, I have a bottle at home that has some crazy wax top to it, i dont remember what its called, but its pretty decent and relatively cheap. If you like sweeter whiskey, I would highly recommend a Canadian Rye called "Weisers". Its readily available in Canada but I have found it at most Washington Liquor stores, its pretty cheap at 15 USD for a fifth and its good stuff by itself or with Coke. Its not bourbon, but its sweet enough that it might as well be,
  3. Argentina / Aconcagua

    thanks for all the advice, i wasnt planning on climbing aconcagua.. im just looking for advice on the must do's and maybe places to go in that area of the world.. Ill definately look into Bolivia.. Thanks for the advice!
  4. Hey all, Im planning a trip to Argentina / Uruguay / Chile next summer for 6-7 weeks. I know im completely out of season for any type of climbing, but does anybody know of any cool towns to visit up in the andes that arent shut down in the winter? Or for that matter, how high up on Aconcagua you could get in the middle of July? Im just looking for some suggestions of where to go, things to see in that part of the world... Thanks!
  5. slippery slope getting steeper

    The term ‘unlawful enemy combatant’ means an individual determined by or under the authority of the President or the Secretary of Defense— “(A) to be part of or affiliated with a force or organization—including but not limited to al Qaeda, the Taliban, any international terrorist organization, or associated forces—engaged in hostilities against the United States or its co-belligerents in violation of the law of war; “(B) to have committed a hostile act in aid of such a force or organization so en5 gaged; or “© to have supported hostilities in aid of such a force or organization so engaged. What would stop them classifying a US Citizen as an "enemy combatant"? Im amazed that the bill passed with such a majority, aparently Americans dont learn.
  6. Yes Condi, there is a Santa Claus

    I always thought she looked very manly...
  7. Gomery Report....

    harper just wants to be PM, the NDP dont have a shot at a majority, but he does... maybe...
  8. Gomery Report....

    theres enough American political threads... how about them liberals, discuss.
  9. Victoria Area Partner...

    Just transfered to UVIC from WSU... Looking for some climbers in / around vic, have experience in most stuff, looking to do alpine / rock / hiking... -Barret
  10. Islamist Fanatic or Anti-Globalization Activist?

    prole, i think you should write a book, that last reply either made no sense, or total sense, i havent decided. maybe im too stoned *shrug*
  11. Bobcat sighting???

    maybe it was a cougar on its way to beat the apple cup out of a husky....
  12. I just ordered some stuff from yer store, funny ideas
  13. Climbing Hardshells?

    thanks for all the input, ive been looking at some of the ArcTeryx stuff, kinda pricey but hey you only live once right? The hardshell is going to mainly be used for mountaineering, so roped up glacier travel, mixed climbing etc, so yes a harness will almost always be worn. What about the ID Dolomite udnerneath a ArcTeryx Theta SL? You think that would be adequate for Cascades/Coast range climbing?
  14. Climbing Hardshells?

    Im looking into getting a new clothing system for my upper body, atm I have a North Face softshell that I used with a Sierra Designs fleece, and then an older SD hard shell. Does anybody have any suggestions as to hard shells I should look at? I have been looking at some of the North Face stuff, my buddy has one and he seems to be pretty pleased with it. Im also looking at the ID Dolomite for my underlayer for warmth. Im mainly going to be using the system in the cascades/coast range but id like to be able to change it up for internation al stuff, any suggestions would be appreciated thanks
  15. Search and Rescue?

    Hey all, Ive been looking into joining the local SAR Team (Surrey Search and Rescue); anybody have any experience with SAR or any opinions? Pros/Cons? Is it a good idea? Worth my time? Any info or opinions would be appreciated Thanks