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  1. ChrisG

    Owyhee info?

    I let me Dad talk me into going in September. My buddy and I spent 75% of the time pulling a 2 man raft with 4 backpacks down a river 6 inches deep. Every time we hit the swift stuff we had to be damn careful not to soak everyone's gear. I found his old trip report: TR
  2. ChrisG

    Owyhee info?

    I floated/backpacked from three forks to rome several years ago. I didnt see anything developed. There was a lot of steep rock overhanging semi-deep portions of river, lots of bird shit too. If I did it again I'd probably bring along some rock shoes. The terrain flattens out a couple miles before Rome and I think it stays flat for a while. That was great country and isolated, we didnt see any other parties for 4-5 days. Im not sure I can post these correctly:
  3. ChrisG

    Seattle voters

    I find children in restaurants annoying. Sitting next to a crying baby on an airplane raises my blood pressure, placing me at risk for heart attack. When can we vote to end these problems? The idea that exposure to second-hand smoke for 2-3 hours every week harms your health is bullshit. I thought it was terrorists that wanted to end freedoms in America.
  4. ChrisG

    Genius of Dwayner

    I suppose if youre all about bolting for safety its hard to argue with installing a ladder for safety.
  5. Check PMs please. Interested in the Bianchi.
  6. I'll take the cams, the equalizer and the sleeping pad. Check PMs
  7. Ive found that Second Ascent in Ballard (possibly called "Second Bounce" in the yellowpages) has always taken good care of me. They often have decent deals on used and new gear and are patient with my questions. You can also bring in some of your used stuff and they should give you store credit toward your new purchases.
  8. I think Medford would be the model example of uncontrolled and pointless growth in Oregon. I'd move to Medford for the Wal-Mart and lack of diversity (in jobs, ethnicity, thought, etc)... and for the meth. Id move to Eugene for the progressive thought, organic food and non-stop rain... and for the pot.
  9. Did you make it up there? Was there much snow? TR? thanks.
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