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  1. Housing Bubble?

    Houses are a great investment. The house I live in now cost 170k 4 years ago. The house next to us, which is only one story where ours it two, and on a smaller lot, sold for 360k. Alot of the current buying spree is from the crash of the stockmarket. People see the stockmarket now as a risky market that is totally based on thealmost random popularity of any given stock. Because of this they see houses as real, viable things. They can see the value of the money they pay everyday. Eventually people are going to realize that the RE market isn't all its cracked up to be and start investing in stocks. When this happens the value might drop, but if your going to stay there a long time, or own it and rent it out later, that will not matter because it will rise again. Though if you continued to rent and invested the money you whould otherwise use for your house payments and down payments into a percentage based investment plan, when the stock market started to rise again you could find yourself with a very nice portfolio and able to buy your dream house. Either way, invest in RE, stocks, mutuals,or anything. Just DO NOT let your money sit in a bank doing nothing for you.
  2. What Do you Want to See?

    I whould like to see a link section for anything Northwest and climbing related. Gear, gyms, route information. It whould also be cool to check current wheather and possibly wheather forcasts from here.
  3. Losing Weight

    Damn... I am not aloud to play MMORPGs after I had a devestating run in with Everquest awhile back... My only tip for you whould be to worry less about overall wieght and more on your Body Mass Index (BMI), which is what percentage of your overall wieght is fat, and how much is the stuff your not supposed to lose (muscle, internal organs, bones) I whould suggest Corvert Bailey, he is a author who has written books about that, includes great information on wwhat is BMI, How to measure it, and what is healthy. Good read, good information. Google 'em.
  4. Losing Weight

    Am I the only one interested in what video game kept you occupied all winter and made you gain 20 pounds? Always up for a reason to procrastinate on homework and keep me entertained into the darker hours.
  5. New climber in need of some advice

    Ok, could you please give me a name of the Puyallup store so I could get directions off of google? I also go to Seattle quite often, I've heard mention of a place called Feathered Friends, is that place good? Any other places I can go in Seattle or in that area? Issues? Is fitting a harness a pain in the ass?
  6. New climber in need of some advice

    Hey everyone, I have been interested in climbing for some time and just found out about Edgeworks, which is easier than driving up to ballard everytime I wanted to climb... Anyways, I wanted to invest in a pair of climbing shoes and harness, are there any brands that I should stear clear of, or ones that I should look for, considering I am new to the sport and in college so I dont want to shell out a bunch of money at first. Also are there any stores I can go to besides REI? The REI in Tacoma did not have a very big selection for shoes, does the Seattle REI have a better selection? BTW, I am not sure if this is the right forum for this, but I assume somebody will inform me of my error.