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  1. Portland area this week

    Smith is the next stop. I'll be there for the next several days, looking for partners.
  2. Portland area this week

    I'm back in the great soggy NW for a week visiting my folks and am looking to get out. Could do something nearby this week, beacon or whatever, or else would be up to do something longer this weekend or next week. Cheers. -MD
  3. Red Rocks/Zion Oct 28-31

    PM sent.
  4. Bugged by the Bugs

    It annoys me that I still haven't managed to get out to the Bugaboos, so this summer I want to make it happen. I've got plenty of time off, so scheduling is flexible, but I'd want to be there for at least a week, get a few good climbs in, weather depending of course. I lead 5.10 alpine, so all the classics are on the table, maybe even Beckey-Chouinard if you want to have some real fun. Shoot me a pm if you've got the itch too, or even just want to do something in the area.
  5. Summer Road Trip

    I said screw the whole work thing, decided to take off in the van this summer and go climbing. I'm in portland right now, probably will be for a week or so, then north to washington for a week or two more. After that, who knows. Squamish, the bugaboos, the tetons, the sierra later in the fall, they're all possibilities. I'm mostly interested in alpine rock and bigger trips, but looking forward to some laps out at beacon and index too. Basically anyone who has some time and wants to climb should give me shout. Also a skier, I already did lassen and shasta on the way north, was thinking about trying to do as many of the volcanoes as possible. Certainly Hood and Adams are on the hitlist in the near future. Anyone have a recommendation for a good ski route on hood? I've done the south side, would rather ski something else, not sure how the north side routes are for that. For Adams, is the road open to the trailhead, or at least close enough?
  6. In red rock, campground closed?!

    I ask because I'm heading down there this week and will need to find a place. Also my partner is bugging out on friday, so if anyone is in the area and would want to climb next weekend, give me a shout.
  7. In red rock, campground closed?!

    Isn't there supposed to be a lot of free BLM dispersed camping in the area?
  8. Books - Free books - Free Shipping - SOLD

    PM sent on Beckey.
  9. Can someone explain to me why the Naches Tavern is nowhere near the town of Naches?
  10. Smith Rock Detour

    Anybody heading down from Seattle?
  11. Alpine

    Check your PMs.
  12. Looking for Bonaza Partner

    I'm spending the summer up here at Holden, working on knocking off all the peaks in the area. I don't mind just soloing most, but am looking for someone to do Bonaza with. I've got the fitness, experience, and gear, just nobody here to go with. So if there's someone out there who wants to hit it, or a pair that wouldn't mind a third, shoot me a PM. I'd also be interested in Glacier. -Michael
  13. PDX area crag partner for this weekend (4/25-26)

    Assuming it doesn't dump tomorrow, we're planning to heading out to Ozone. Check your PMs for my number.
  14. PDX crag partners

    Anyone want to head out tomorrow? Thinking Ozone or Broughtons, but could be persuaded elsewhere.
  15. Smith Rocks meetup Sat or Sun?

    Where are you coming from? I'm looking for a ride down from Portland.