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  1. SOLD Putting myself through paramedic school so anything not bolted down is getting sold. Selling 17 cams, 14 of them are Metolius and 3 are older Black Diamond. All Metolius cams were re-sling last winter and have not been used or carried since. The Metolius process consists of inspection, ultrasonic cleaning, and new sling. 4 of them are brand new and have never been placed or carried. Metolius: 00 2x0 1 3 2x4 2x5 2x6 7 8 9 Black Diamond: Unfamiliar with BD sizing but looks like 1, .75?, and unknown. Selling for $375 and I pay shipping anywhere in the lower 48. Not selling individually because I really don't want to get stuck with a couple 00 an 0s and have no use for them. Works out to 22$ per cam for fresh or brand new pieces. I need the moola and you get sweet new gear!
  2. I'm looking for a 6-8 man yet. We're heading to the Boundary Waters in northern Minnesota next month for 14 days of paddling with 2 adults and 2 kids. I've got a 4 man and it work fine, but for this long with 2 little kids it sure would be nice to spread out! I prefer a full fly, that is really my only stipulation. What do you have that you're not using anymore? PM me your tents for sale and let's see if we can make a deal before I leave.
  3. SOLD Given to me as a gift, never really had a place to hang it, tired of it collecting dusty. 45$ and free shipping to lower 48
  4. SOLD Selling my glacier glasses, made the mistake of not using glacier glacier 1 time and felt like I had hand in my eyes for 3 weeks! Julbo Sherpa glasses used on 4 Mount Rainier trips and a couple trips to South America. No longer climbing big mountains and cleaning out the closet so these have to go. Lenses are dirty, but not beat up, and I did trim the ear retainer (they were so dang long that they would dig into the back of your ears!). Still a great pair of glasses and you can't beat the price with free shipping. Free shipping to lower 48 only. 15$ SOLD
  5. Selling a Thule 1565 fit kit that came off my Ford Focus Hatchback. Comes with 4 rubber pads, 4 fit brackets, and instructions. I bought it new and I had it on my car for 2 weeks until my car was hit by a drunk driver 3 weeks ago and was totaled due to front end damage, rack was not affected in Please email with any questions and thanks for looking. 60$ shipped to you
  6. Brand new North Water canoe thigh straps. Bought then sold the boat. Never installed and brand spanking new. Located in Great Falls, MT but I will pay the shipping anywhere in the lower 48. 15$ cash or 17$ via Paypal. I pay priority shipping to you. Here is the link to read more about them. http://www.northwater.com/html/products/canoeing/Canoe%20subdirectory/Velcro-ThighStraps.html
  7. Cant figure out how but I'll try. It might be taken, pending PayPal payment.
  8. Vertex 5 with pole and stakes for 210$ shipped to you. Used on 1 trip for 2 nights then stored in my basement, dry and warm since then. 60" high, 54 square feet, awesome tipi style floorless tent. Weighs NOTHING! Sells for $300 with no pole. Pics can be sent to your email, just shoot me back a response and I'll get them going your way.
  9. $40 shipped to you. Puru Fly size Large. Used for 2 years but lots of flights left in it. All zippers work. Pics can be emailed to you. Sold
  10. Now 35$ - just trying to de-clutter my life and these are just taking up space!
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