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  1. Favorite Pirate movies?

  2. Frenches Dome Update- 2007

    It's near Mt Hood. Any word on whether they're finished with construction?
  3. freakin' cheaters

    Your friend isn't fit to wipe the sweat from Tommy's Stealth Suit crotch.
  4. Worst climb

    Sounds like BBQ the Pope to me! Oh, and I'll add Gumby.
  5. How Long should projects remain virgin?

    I was being sarcastic, but I hear you. What do you think about a route being named before it's seen an ascent?
  6. How Long should projects remain virgin?

    Yeah, but everybody knows it gets RE-named now. Something that reflects on the "thief". How about "Mutant Ninja Gym Monkey?"
  7. How Long should projects remain virgin?

    Soooo... What'd he name it?
  8. How Long should projects remain virgin?

    Ah, you posted before me Kev. So it WAS done. I don't understand why this guy was so attached to this particular route, especially if it was far from his first. So now he wants to punish the local climbers who had nothing to do with 'disobeying' his wishes, by chopping his routes?! I don't get it.
  9. How Long should projects remain virgin?

    Stewart- I think it's ridiculous that this thing still is "reserved". I mean, c'mon, TWO YEARS! I understand there are extenuating circumstances, but enough is enough. It's a sport climb on the local choss. Fun choss, but still choss. I say let the kids play. There is no rope hanging, the top of the route is visible, and oh, by the way, the red tag that used to be on the first draw is now on the anchor- so maybe it's been done already anyway.
  10. What annoy's you

    Improper use of apostrophes
  11. Pooping

    Eat more vegetables.
  12. Kurt Vonnegut

    "We do, doodley do, doodley, doodley do, What we must, muddily must muddily must, muddily must; Muddily do, muddily do, muddily do, muddily do, Until we bust, bodily bust, bodily bust, bodily bust."
  13. Adding a bolt to a Portland route

    My wife took a bad fall on that route. Her fault.
  14. best of cc.com Pictures From the Wayback Machine

    So, Kev... Does this mean "Freeforsum" hasn't really sent Free For Some? haha
  15. The Importance Of Restful Climbs

    MisterE- Agree with the sentiment, but I think you have it backwards: When you shut your head off and are actually climbing it's more "Zen". Once I'm resting on a route I'm back to trying to force myself to relax, breathe, enjoy the view, etc. In other words: thinking. As for an anecdote- there's a local sport climb that allows you at about 3/4 way up to step around an arete and sit on it like a saddle. A buddy and I are kinda torn about how we feel about it. One one hand, you're glad to take this rest as the route's quite pumpy, but on the other hand it's almost TOO much of a disruption of upward movement. You end up feelin' kinda 'dirty' for sitting there too long. haha Good story, Bill! Hey, that reminds me- the same buddy and I found a "head-bar" inside a giant hueco on a route in Thailand. phillip
  16. Huge whipper!!!!

    Yo: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6659474563364849161&q=red+river+gorge+rockclimbinghttp://
  17. Buying a concealed weapon, what's your flavor?

  18. Single pitch trad climbing dumb?

    I believe the "sport" comment related to Wartley's comes from the fact that you don't have to know how to crack climb to send, as I can personally attest to. Easier than Cruel Sister! haha
  19. favorite bumper stickers of all time?

    Seen while I was biking to work on the bumper of a Toyota Tundra V8 extended cab: ONE LESS BIKE what a dick! haha
  20. Good documentary films

    Paradise Lost Brother's Keeper Waco- Rules of Engagement

    Happy Birthday, Miles Logan!!! Way to go Maggie!! Got the call on Sunday. That nutter Kevin actually thanked me for climbing with him on Saturday before he casually mentions he'd just become a dad. Congrats, kiddo!
  22. Chiropractic care for Portland climbers!

    Happy ending?
  23. Bolt Nazis

    Of course not... But it ain't black and white. I'm particularly thinking of routes in which the crux is bolt protected low on the climb, the climbing eases significantly, yet the FA decides to bolt the rest of the route- even though if you pulled the crux, you'd have no problem finishing the route.
  24. Bolt Nazis

    Joseph- Once it's been decided that a person is going to put fixed pro on a route, seems like they already admitted that they weren't up to the risk. It seems a bit contrived or a moot point to forgo additional fixed pro later up a route after this first concession.