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  1. These are designed to attach directly to a Dynafit compatible boot. These are brand new/never used/still in the box. Race 290 Crampons $80 plus $10 to ship them I don't check my IM's that often, please email me at danmcph@yahoo.com
  2. Cilo Gear Pack Cheap

    45 Liter worksac Pack Blue. Never been outside of my basement. Size Medium. It is missing the Yellow Haul Loop $125 plus $15 shipping to lower 48 I will also throw in a brand new Shovel Pocket and a rope catch Shovel Pocket I don't check my IM here very often. Email danmcph@yahoo.com
  3. Lightening up my rack

    If you are like me and climbing alpine then you will love the smaller sizes of the camp tri-cams. The red and the pink are some of the best pieces on my rack. It seems like they get placed EVERY pitch. Ask anyone who as the pink one, they will tell you it is the shit. You can add a few of the small ones to your rack and it is really light. Lighter than equal sized cams by a HUGE amount. I really only carry cams from the .5 camalot size up to #3 on alpine. Take a look at the Trango line of cams, light, multiple options for clipping and inexpensive. If you have to bail it's easier to leave a cheap cam instead of an expensive one. Of course we all know if you life is at stake, don't be cheap, but it is nicer to "bail on a budget"
  4. Best Multitool for Alpine

    I want to get a multitool that has the tools I am likely to use in the alpine and nothing more hence keeping it light. What tools do you all use that seem to have all you need and nothing extra?
  5. Best Harness for Ice

    I am updating my harness. What features should I look for in an Ice harness? Any recommendations?
  6. The issue I have is a small heel top to bottom so when I simulate front pointing my heel raises in the boot about 1/2 inch. I hit my toes when kicking if I do the next size down. I have been playing with it today and have the following in the boot: Heel Wedge Flat spacer from my ski boot Superfoot Insole Extra tongue padding that came with the boot I still have some heel lift but it is better, not gone though.
  7. I used the hacksaw, now things are worse. Maybe I cut the wrong part of my foot off. Or was the boot the item I was supposed to cut?
  8. I have been trying to find a pair of boots that don't have heel lift. I want a boot like a Nepal Evo or Scarpa Mt Blanc. Both of those have about 1" of heel lift for me even with insoles. I thought maybe I could use the womens version but the La Sportiva's can only be found up to a size 42 (I need 43.5) and the Mt Blanc's only come up to a size 43 and I need a 44 in Scarpa. What next? How do I overcome the fact I am a man with a larger foot (relative to a women) but a woman's heel. How do I get a boot without heel lift? Is there a way to get that space taken up somehow?
  9. Good Alpine Rock Shoe

    What do you guys use for all day routes in the mountains up to 5.9 for a rock shoe? I am especially interested to know what options people are using that are light weight. I know fit is key, but I am interested to know what you guys are using.
  10. Ice Climbing Boots Dane?

    I received my Nepal evo's and they have a lot of heel lift. Someone above said that can be fixed with lacing? How? If it is due to fit of the boot does anyone know if another company has boots that generally speaking have a smaller heel box?
  11. Cilo Gear packs cheap

    I need to add one additional detail. The pack does not have the yellow haul loop on it.
  12. Ice Climbing Boots Dane?

    I just ordered the Nepals
  13. Corsa Nanotech Ice Axe

    The Nanotech has a steel spike. Steel tip on the end of the pick and alum adze
  14. Corsa Nanotech Ice Axe

    Corsa is 50cm Raven is 60cm. What are your thoughts as to why the Raven is better for walk ups? Just trying to pick your brain.
  15. Corsa Nanotech Ice Axe

    I bought one for ski mountaineering for when I "might" need one. I have found myself taking it everytime over my traditional all steel head BD Raven. I have only carried it, never had to chop a bollard, get up hard (hardness, not technical difficulty) ice etc with it. My thought is that I would more likely than not use it for everything that I don't use my Quarks for and would sell the heavier, steel BD Raven Pro. Am I short changing myself by doing this? Any realistic situations that I would want the Raven instead of the Nanotech?