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  1. FS Avalanche Probe

  2. Closet/Garage Cleaning Sale

    If you still have #2 #37 #39 #46 #48 and #7 OR #8 and are willing to ship to NYC I am interested and can put a check in the mail tomorrow! -dan
  3. PM sent about these items, if they are still around..
  4. 5.10 Galileos, sz. 11 1/2 - $60.00

    what is the European size for these?
  5. I got as a gift a pair of 06/07 181 K2 World Piste's new in wrapper. The only problem is I need a 174. So if you have a 174 k2 world piste and want to trade, I'm game. Or I'll sell these to you... make me an offer! $275? MSRP $469
  6. FS Avalanche Probe

    Hello all- I am selling my Backcountry Access Companion Avalanche Probe for $40 obo ($55 retail). It is in mint condition, only out of the house for practice once or twice. "The Backcountry Access Companion Avalanche Probe is 6 feet long when fully extended and stores in the handle of the BCA Companion Shovel for a truly lightweight and compact avalanche probe and shovel combination."
  7. lots of gear for sale just a few items left!

    pm sent about ascenders and pulleys if not taken
  8. FS- 5.10 Anasazi size 11 (44.5)

    If oly falls through I am interested.
  9. Garmen Geko 201

    sweet device, if I had the money I would buy it in a heart beat
  10. ethernet for sale

    Hope this clears some of it up a: -hub repeats everything it hears to everything plugged in -switch selectively sends info between the devices plugged in and a router connects a switch(group of computers) to the internet/modem/etc
  11. linking ropes

    why dont you use a butterfly? that knot seems designed for the type of tension. As for that testing page, I don't understand test 12, why would you be using a figure 8 on webbing? I always use a waterknot follow thru, and can't think of a situation that you would want to use a figure 8, can anyone think of any?
  12. Sewn vs Tied Runners

    Maybe this should go to a separate thread, but Tumblemark can you share your bartacking technique, the nitty gritty of how you sew them. I am just starting out, and tried a variety of things and am wondering how you do your bar tacks, is it 1 zigzag or 1 straight with 1 zigzag over? and, how do you keep the thread from unravelling? THanks!
  13. WTB: Used Tele Bindings

    Fastmiller or anyone else--- I am looking for a pair of lightweight 3 pin bindings that still fit a T2 boot. If anyone has a pair pleeease send me a pm
  14. I am looking for a pair of used Alp Wings... any beta on where I could score a pair would be much appreciated. Looking to pay around $175 or so... THanks