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  1. gear sale

    Yes, the harness is size Large.
  2. gear sale

    I am 99% sure it is a Large, but will verify when I get home.
  3. gear sale

    Still some great gear available. Prices are negotiable.
  4. gear sale

    The 17 assorted ovals are sold. I can't seem to edit this post anymore
  5. gear sale

  6. gear sale

  7. gear sale

    Added pics.
  8. gear sale

  9. gear sale

    Added biners and copperheads. Also, will include Petzl Caritool and BD ice clipper with ice screw for free.
  10. gear sale

    Unloading a bunch of stuff I don't have time to use anymore. Most of this gear has had only light use, some has never touched rock. All prices negotiable. Prefer cash but may be interested in trades for Nikon dslr gear. Jeff ITEM CONDITION PRICE Yates Shield harness Excellent 100 A5 sling Excellent 20 Yates 6-step ladders Good (one elastic loop broken tho) 50pr Yates daisies Used once 35pr Petzl Pro Traxion Good (works perfect) 80 BD micronuts 1-5 used alot but work fine 30set Petzl ascenders used alot but work fine 75pr Omega Pacific hammer Excellent 75 Petzl minder pulley Excellent 20 BD 22cm ice screw used once, some surface rust 40 BD Rocklock carabiners (2) Excellent 8ea Petzl William carabiners (4) Excellent 12ea Petzl Am'D carabiners (4) Excellent 10ea Petzl Reglette hook New 15 Petzl GOUTTE D'EAU hook New 15 BD Talon hook Good 12 BD Cliffhanger hook Good 10 BD Grappling hook Good 10 BD RURP Good 10 BD Angle (2) Good 5ea BD Lost Arrow (2) Good 12ea BD Knifeblade Good 10 BD Fifi hook Used once 10 Lifelink Carbon Fiber 280cm avy probe Like New 60 Petzl O Wall biners (2) Good 8ea various ovals (17) Good 20 for all various copperheads,circles, most never used 15 for all
  11. FS: Aliens and more

    Selling 6 Aliens, 2 hybrid Aliens, Grigri, Reverso and Big Bro. Check it out: http://shop.ebay.com/jtostenr/m.html?_dmd=1&_ipg=50&_sop=12&_rdc=1
  12. Very cool corvallisclimb. How many of those heads are left on the A4 variation? I could only see one from the ground. We were originally going to do N.A. Direct, but it was occupied
  13. Peter_Puget - You might be right. I don't recall having to make any really hard moves on that pitch. I must have used one of those old bolts. Boadman - I don't think we held anyone up. If so, my apologies.
  14. Heh...well after looking at my last TR I guess I did lead p1 of Narrow Arrow Overhang last time. Don't what the hell I did, but I guess it worked. Hmmm, I thought I was supposed to get better with more experience lol. http://www.cascadesclimber.com/coppermine/displayimage.php?pid=1522&fullsize=1
  15. It sure was nice to climb at Index without the rain. I had been wanting to climb 10% Meterological Vinculation for a while now and finally got around to it. I was going to do the route from the true start, but it really looked nasty and not fun. Seemed like a much better idea to start up Japanese Gardens and then move over to 10%. It was great fun, a lot of little pro and a few hook moves. Probably one of the harder aid routes that I've done. Also got a chance to climb Iron Horse which was another one on my list. It was a much more relaxing route than 10%. The only spicy part was about half way up. Had to do an interesting move with a cam hook in an undercling, which worked really well, then onto some dicey gear. Great route. Maybe next time I'll see if I can get myself to go up the tiny seam on the left above the first anchor. I also tried Narrow Arrow Overhang, which I climbed a couple of years ago. Last time I climbed p2, this time I tried p1. Well, I made it about half way and got to the 2nd bolt and just hit a brick wall. The only place I could see to get any gear in was a slimy, expanding crack. I had to top step just to try to get an offset Alien in there and it just wasn't going to happen. No idea how my partner made it past this last time. Climbing was great. Weather turned out beautiful, even if it did start out a little chilly and windy. Good times. Pics: http://www.cascadesclimber.com/coppermine/thumbnails.php?album=60