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  1. Anyone looking to get rid of bindings size small? Naxo, Fritschi, or Marker.. Any year is fine.
  2. Snow Lake (Alpental) - Conditions?

    Snow is pretty deep still, you will need some sort of flotation device for sure.
  3. partner needed for Sloan 10/24

    I am interested. Send me a PM and keep me posted as the time gets closer, I have that weekend free and Sloan sounds fun!
  4. Longest Stay on the summit of Mt Baker.

    His name is Glenn Williams.. he took photos and sold them at fred meyer. his goal was to spend a month on all the cascade volcanoes.. but after glacier he stopped. I think he only had Rainier left if memory serves me correct. I helped in ferry loads up Baker/Adams, and Glacier peak for his month long stays. I use to have his phone number, but he changed it and fell off the world as far as i can tell.. last i saw he stopped doing mountain pics and switched to doing spirograph art.. this is a link to a story he was writing on glacier peak. http://www.spirituallyfit.com/volume3/issue1/stories/g_williams3.htm greg
  5. Skied up to twin lakes on Saturday 4/26. On snow the whole way from the highway. Give it at least a few more weeks, there was quite a bit of snow on the road still.. Quite a few washouts it looked like. I don't see it opening for quite some time..
  6. Specific Packs

    Kat, my vote goes for the leather fanny pack.. i think you could easily pull that off.
  7. Vantage 4/28-29

    Yea, surprise to me too, but rumor has it, they are a group of 10 or so, maybe a lil less. Planning on the feathers most likely. I also hear there might be a Vertical World Top Roping Class going on this weekend at the feathers.. ? Might be time to point south a lil more and go to Tieton..
  8. Vantage 4/28-29

    Sent PM Word to the wise though, there is a big group of BCMC (british columbia mountaineers) heading there this weekend.
  9. Snow pants

    Look into the Mammut Champ Pants for softshell. They are a bit much for the warmer months of summer, but they are great in the early spring/fall and winter. Mammut has a weird sizing chart, but they give you the most options to find the right fit. I am tall so I was pretty much limited to Champ Pants. As for waterproof, I always carry the Arc'Teryx Alpha SL Pants. They are full zip, super light, and they pack down super small. I dont feel bad about carrying them, even if I have only used them a few times. The Champ pants can handle light rain no problem, and they dry out super fast. But that is a feature of all softshell pants I am sure. Hope this helps..
  10. Tent Shrinkage...?

    Yea, thanks, I kinda figured that.. I even had Spitz come over and attempt to help.. neither one of us can pitch a tent anymore these days... must be old age..
  11. Tent Shrinkage...?

    I will give it a shot sometime this week. Let ya know how it goes from there. Thanks!
  12. Tent Shrinkage...?

    So this one has me confused. Has anyone else had their tent shrink on them? I used this tent on Aconcagua, everything was fine, when I got back and set it up to clean it out, I noticed that all the poles seem to be about 5" or so too long. And now the tent is pretty much impossible to set up. Its an older North Face tent from the late 90's. I even had a few friends come over and look at it, to make sure I wasn't confused and setting it up wrong. I kept my gear to myself, so I know that I didn't get the poles mixed up with anyone elses gear. We tried setting it different ways. No luck. Any ideas out there?
  13. FS: Arc'Teryx Stingray Jacket

    Size: XL Color: Terracotta(orange) As seen in this link http://www.arcteryx.com/product.aspx?Stingray-Jacket# Looking to offset gas prices to the Southwest, $275OBO.. I have worn it like 3 times or so this winter. Thats it, pretty much brand new condition. PM me, or respond on here.