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  1. old route at baker rocks?

    I don't think you're crazy at all, soft no doubt. I would say that The Pinch was the hardest and best route there if you could unlock it! Is Jungle Boogie the line between Shorty and Superbad?
  2. old route at baker rocks?

    Don't know too much about this, other than working and climbing it years ago (around 2001). I would say that mid 11-ish is way off, for in my opinion it was a fair bit harder than Shorty, Superbadest, etc... I remember it being rather straight forward to a cruxy move. Is Baker/Pumphouse seeing traffic these days? Pretty fun little crag ...
  3. lib crack - bolted line to right?

    please share your findings ...
  4. Mount Baker highway crags

    Just past mile post 39 you will bend around a left turn and a small two car pullout will be on your right. Park and look accross the highway. A Climbers trail proceeds through the talus and up to the Pumphouse. The Cobblestone Wall is reached by continuing up and left. The Pumphouse is a fun outing and has a few routes that stay dry in the rain. I would agree that the warm-up is about .10+, but can be climbed completely static. Shorty (.12c) is a bolted bolder problem that climbs the obvious prow on the left side. The dihedral that Distel refers to is called Superbad and has a fun little extension that pulls the roof at the first set of chains (called Superbadest). To the right of that is, in my opinion, the best route there called Pinch of Death (.12d). I haven't climbed there since around 2001, so I am not sure of the condition. There are also climbs/problems located down the highway a short bit on the left as well. This area used to be referred to as Pee-Wee's Playhouse.
  5. accident at Little Si

    ... as there are 0 tope ropes at WWI. I do not know his condition as of this morning, yet I can say that the accident involved a fall from "Lanch Ledge". As anyone who climbs there knows this is not a 75ft fall, but trauma is trauma. From what I have been told, he was not climbing but walking along the ledge as he was leaving the crag.
  6. Heart of the Country

    I was there the day it fell out (though I wasn't the one) and came back the following weekend to "resend" it. This was about a month ago. I would say the grade remains around .12a, but do note that placing gear is much more strenuous now that standing on the top of the block is not an option. I managed to get an RP in while laying back the side pull just below where the seam/crack starts and smearing with my left foot in the new void. The jam that I think you are refering to remains.
  7. Utah road trip help

    you can explore Brian Head mountain area. a geologic "crazyplace" with bizzare black basalt, welded tuff, meta-stuff, etc ... crags all over. there is even conglomerate in nearby Parawan. good hiking and mountain biking too. probably about 30 minutes from ceder city. other than that the usuals. depends on what you are looking for. Indian Creek & Moab VRG Gorilla Cliffs
  8. What's shit like

    this might be it?
  9. More on free solo ...

    ... and that activity is easy, boring, unimaginative, not real climbing, stupid, no risk involved, run of the mill "walking with obstacles thrown in" bullshit ... right, well thought out post.
  10. More on free solo ...

    see it here ...
  11. Anything dry at Exit 32 or 38?

    if you have ever even attempted to climb the cave in the "wet season" it seeps ... big (especially the .11d). Keep hiking and stay left, head to The Lost Resort. Climbing From the Wreckage(.13a) stays dry to a point (2/3's the route) in hard rain and can be completable in light rain. A fun excursion. You have to hike, yet get in some climbing. The .11b to the left is fun as well (also a bunch of other climbs further left(.10ish) and some exist to the right that I have not done). Maybe you can put "Cralwling" together in the poor conditions ... I had to come back in the sunshine to get the redpoint Damn fingers ... In my expereience, Exit 32 (ww1) stay dry in a moderate rain fall. Californicator is the driest for climmber and belayet alikee. Many of the upper extensions remain completely dry, though the starts may be affected by moisture ... as of 11/20 all is good and pretty much every climb is dry. cheers.
  12. The one dry climb at Index last Saturday....

    Attractive Nuisiance is ALWAYS dry ... just have to hump your ass up there in the rain
  13. WHO

    does this mean you are back for good or just the fall?
  14. Chalk - you've got to be kidding me...

    Not supporting overuse, but this statement gets a big "Whatever". Go climb a hard steep Index face climb in the 80 degree sun without chalk. Say Swim or the approach pitch to Madsen's Ledge ...
  15. Utah

    I believe you are thinking of Colab Canyon ...