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  1. In Honor of Kevbone's New Sig Line

    Grove is in the Heart!!! KGfFzkVnzLA
  2. Expedition duffel feedback

    The TNF duffel is bomber. I've been abusing mine for over a decade and it's still going strong. As long as they make them like they used to, I'd go with the TNF.
  3. Girl Gone Wild

    This is a classic 21st century story. Francis: I payz u $1 million for nekid pictures, mkay? Dupre: Um, I don't know. Francis: PSYCH! I change mind. I already gotz nekid pictures!!! Lolz. Dupre: Iz only 17, you no can haz nekid picturz. LOLZERZZZ
  4. The Decline of America Condensed

    Remind us again why you hate France and the rest of Europe? Cause you like 'em real big and juicy?
  5. Foot in Mouth Disease

    In a similar vein, you don't have to be sexist, you just have the Clinton campaign accuse you of being sexist. Clinton has done a great job at injecting both the race and gender issues in this contest. It's more than slightly ironic that the white candidate is the one bringing up race all the time. For someone running on the alleged strenght her qualifications, Clinto sure raises a stink about her gender and Obama's race.
  6. Sexy Time!

    Yeah, fucking and jacking off are the exact same thing.
  7. awesome!

    That's rad.
  8. ELF

    BillCoe has won this thread, hands down.
  9. To the fathers......

    Congrats. The little people rule.
  10. Are you working for free today..?

    I asked for extra compensation, and the partnership responded by increasing my billable hour requirements by 5.5 hours.
  11. Rules for cooking

    Beer has food value. Food does not have beer value.
  12. Bongs, pipes or joints.......

  13. 2nd Amendment freedoms restored in National Parks?

    I saw a guy coming down the Snow Lake trail last summer carrying a holstered pistol. I know that's a realy xtreme and dangerous trail, but it made me laugh. My wife, on the otherhand, was really creeped out. Funny, that guy prolly thought it was good to pack heat on the trail to protect the wymn folk and other innocents, but in fact, he was likely having an unintended opposite effect. Of course, his piece wasn't concealed.
  14. Rack Simulator

    I'm disappointed that this thread isn't about boobies.
  15. Nader/Paul Ticket!