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  1. Hot chicks on motorcycles

    LOL no it is not
  2. Best type of car for the cascades?

    LOL anyone who says they can get up anything that a 4X4 can with their soob or all wheel drive car is BS.. clearance and the power of 4 wheel drive has been proven time and time again.. matter of fact my friend who owns an outback will attest to this. he now prefers to go in my Nissan Pathfinder anytime we go AT, backcountry, etc. etc.. seriously, you do not NEED a 4x4 if you're just a soccer mom driving around Seattle or Portland or even if you are a plastic puller who ventures to Smith or 11worth. But get yourself into some soft spring snow patched back country dirt road and I can guarantee you’ll be hiking in for Miles before you even get to my truck.
  3. Giant PDX pub-climb send fest

    park on the other side of the tracks.. ranger doenst care if you are there.. he just hates waiting for you to ger your car out so he can lock up. I've been there many times after dark. bring your headlamps and bug spray.
  4. Gear stolen @ Rocky Butte

    sorry you didnt know that Rocky Butte is one of the worst places ever to leave your gear. The nazi swastika painted on the rock should have been your first clue. I’ll keep an eye out and see if anyone can find your stuff. everyone else should put your gear on your belts at your truck before going to the route you want. peace and good luck
  5. Mothers, hide your daughters.

  6. anyone been to Goat Rocks this week and can tell me the snow conditions? thanks
  7. Memorial weekend at Smith Rock

    Don’t throw them out! donate them to your local rock gym so they can give one free Prana top to each new male member.
  8. Memorial weekend at Smith Rock

    RumR that was some funny shizz LOL
  9. squamish this weekend?

    it's granite .. .takes forever to dry out.
  10. Lightweight hardshell

    where can you find these for that price???????????
  11. Memorial weekend at Smith Rock

    fat? yes weak? maybe but Ugly? come on dude.. we have some of the hottest fat chicks in the world!
  12. squamish this weekend?

    just looking out for the fellow climbers
  13. squamish this weekend?

    I hear Smith will be really nice
  14. Mem weekend?

    Smith is the place to be
  15. Memorial weekend at Smith Rock

    there is absolutely NO SUN in Squish this weekend.. look for yourselves.. really none. Smith is dry.
  16. Mem weekend?

    ouch! that's got to hurt
  17. Memorial weekend at Smith Rock

    no need for a cage. Smith Rock Park isn't big enough for them.. I see flying drop kicks off the king swing this weekend
  18. Memorial weekend at Smith Rock

    since you feed off eachother. . one cant live without the other now can they?? it will be bone dry at Smith Rocks this weekend, FYI
  19. squamish this weekend?

    Smith Rocks will be bone dry.
  20. Memorial weekend at Smith Rock

    so untrue! this post is excelent! funny as fawking hell!
  21. FS: New Montrail Shoes

    ok $20
  22. Mem weekend?

    British Columbia here we come
  23. How to keep your wife in line

    bald chicks are hot.. umm errr eh.