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  1. Frost Nip

    Sounds like frost nip to me TimL. I got it on my face and eyelids a couple of years ago in Antarctica. A tell tale sign is the skin is devoid of pigment while it's still cold. Also it's possible to do nerve damage without frost bite. Another tell sing will be skin pealing whenever the affected area experiences a change in temp for a sustained period of time. My eyelids still peal every time after a day of skiing. If this starts happening pretreat the area with lanolin before going out into the cold. Not the lotion kind but sludgy stuff.
  2. Moving again... anyone got any climbing info?

    Hey there legs, I'm a former East Coastie myself. Although I can't think of any specific area outside of Toronto there is some good climbing outside my home town of Warren Pennsylvania; witch is only 1 1/2 - 2 hours away from Toronto. Check out both of the links from www.rockclimbing.com . Both areas are withing a half hour of each other so you could hit both areas in one trip. Good luck. http://www.rockclimbing.com/routes/listArea.php?AreaID=1065 http://www.rockclimbing.com/routes/listArea.php?AreaID=1909
  3. weather.com vs. accuweather.com

    I vote for Wunderground too.
  4. Current Mtn weather data

    I like this link. www.powderstash.com From the link click on telemetry and then the area your looking for.
  5. What do I do with empty MSR isobutane canisters?

    1. poke hole 2. crush 3. recycle
  6. transportation to Rainier

    I think if you do a google search there is a bus that makes scheduled runs from Sea Tac airport to Paradise. I hope this helps.
  7. Recommended newbie climbs

    Mt Daniel via Lynch Glacier is a good newbie climb. Also if you want to avaid the Glacier you can do the scramble route up the frot side.
  8. Easy Hikes for Mom

    lake boardman out past granit falls
  9. Multipitch Sport Technique

    Nice website. A lot of good info there.
  10. Collest PNW town.............

  11. Place to eat/drink between Issaquah and Exit 38

    Does anyone ever brave the Rolling Log in Issaquah any more?
  12. Opinions on The Mountaineers?

    My Name is Sublime Salamander...And I am a Mountie.
  13. Alpine Oddity

    Aren't those termites?
  14. missing mitten

    I would join in but I don't think I could compete.
  15. Public Transport to routes/Ranger stations

    Give this number a call. Rainier Overland Transportation Company Daily service from Seatac International Airport. (360)569-0851
  16. Farenheit: 9/11: a waste of my time

  17. Lost Camera

    I wish someone would find mine.
  18. Mt. Baker Easton Glacier Route

    I was up there the same week end as king buzzo. I agree stay on the railroad grade as long as you can and look for camping on the snow in the general area of 6000ft. And as a side note if you happen to find a Nikon Coolpix Camera in a black nylon case somewhere below the Roman wall and above 7000ft there's a case of beer in it for ya as a reward.
  19. Koflach Boots ???

    I couldn't make'em work for my wide feet. I've heard others that have wide feet say the same thing. I went with the Scarpa Inverno and they work fine. Just something to consider.
  20. Any hot climbing chicks want to have sex?

  21. Mt. Baker info

    If you find a Nikon Coolpix camera in a black nylon pouch let me know there's a reward. I lost it somewhere between 7000ft and the Roman wall.
  22. weekend suggestions

    Try Labrinth Mtn. out Stevens pass way. Good scamble and even a nice swimming hole right by the camp sights. It's in the 75 scambles in Wa State book.
  23. Atkins "Nightmare" Diet

    Let's see, I did read your web sight. I was 256lbs I put that weight on after a back injury. It's the Atkins not the South Beach I'm doing. And since I've read your web sight you should read the current up to date version of the Atkins book it will dispel some of the misconceptions your web sight has on it. Then if you want to discuss this further I will. Until it's not worth discussing this with someone who has heard from someone who heard from someone else...bla bla bla. Who hasn't researched it the way I have.
  24. Atkins "Nightmare" Diet

    I'm not looking to get sprayed but have you guys actually read the books? I lost 54lbs on the diet. After the first two and most restrictive phases of the diet. The diet becomes very varied. Basically it's a diet without sweets. By the time you reach life time maintenance your eating plenty of veggies, grains, and fruit. There are plenty of people out there that don't do it right. They think if low carb is good then no carb is better. These are the ones who fail early on. I've kept the weight off for almost two years now. Cholesterol and blood pressure is great. The ones not doing it the correct way are the ones giving it a bad rep.
  25. Tunnel at Index Lower Walls??

    I think they're makin' whiskey.