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  1. Cascade River Road

  2. The Mount Si Black Lab [woof!]

    Blackie sounds like my Brother Hippie.
  3. High Altitude Performance Enhancement ?

    I'm really glad I came accross this thread!
  4. Arrrrrggghhhhhhhh!

    Eat an onion if yea got scurvy. Yarr!!!
  5. Bad Climbing movies

    Just saw subzero. Holy Flirking Schnit. I felt like I was getting brain damage from watching that film.
  6. 2006 Climbing Goals

    I just want to do a complete climb of about 5 pitches or so.
  7. Weird Feeling...

    in the pad of my foot, just below the big toe. Is this the beginning of a bone spur? I can't really explain the feeling, it doesn't hurt it just feels weird.
  8. trail work?

    I don't know of any in OR, but Washington Trails Association is a good group for WA.
  9. Raichle All-Degree Lite GTX

    Has anyone tried these? How did you like em?
  10. Cascadia WTF?

    Cascadia??? I'd live there.
  11. Where have all the chatters gone?

    I'm more of a smartass lurker though.
  12. Where have all the chatters gone?

    And I'm still at work!!!!!
  13. Current Rock and Ice Issue

    Where I work now kids leave those little dime bags all over the place. You know the ones with the little leaves all over.
  14. Alaska Mountain Forum

    I like it. My brother lives in Palmer and I forwarded it to him. I think this is going to be a very nice forum.
  15. More North Cascades trivia

    I think it said Keroak(sp) was doing it up there too.