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  1. Yeah why would you want to support a organization that does not like killing babies.
  2. Based on your post you want to kill an innocent woman and have the money used to feed the starving in other countries. But when it comes to capital punishment you would rather let murderers live a full life in prison at taxpayers expense, without thinking about feeding those same people with those dollars, because killing is wrong. This is the same as abortion, kill the innocent but give life to those who take the lives of others. Seems hypocritical. Hope I did not piss you off too bad.
  3. most of the falls were on the Inter, which had only a few open crevasses. He fell once on the upper emmons and just flailed about as he slid instead of using his axe. It was also his first time in crampons.
  4. thanks for putting me at ease. All the guides I have met seemed to really care about the safety of their clients. I just don't know where most climbers stand in reguards to pulling a "touching the void" tactic. personally I would rather fall to my demise with someone instead of coming back alive and having to tell his/her family I had to cut them loose they were dragging me down.
  5. Not to sound heartless, but guides are paid to keep the client safe. Having a knot that comes apart when loaded is decietful. If you are not willing to be dragged down by someone don't give them a sense of false security by roping up with them in the first place. Last year we took a new guy up rainier, he claimed to have good self arrest skills but I think we on the rope stopped his falls at least 4 times. I never thought about pretending to be tied in.
  6. I am only 3 months out now so I am hoping to be good to go in three months. I plan on taking my brace with me on the southside of hood in may. the downclimbing I think will be the killer. hopefully there are some nice glissade tracks for me to slide in.
  7. I figured the down climbing would be the most difficult. Sounds like if I take a brace for the way down I should be alright in the spring. I plan on making my climbing partners carry the rope and team equipment so hopefully my pack is fairly light. I have a good PT and he says I should be ready for the season but I want to avoid reinjury by going too early. I don't feel like making the news getting lifted off the mountain.
  8. I had ACL surgery 3 months ago, Doctor says it normally takes a year of recovery before hard core physical activity should be done. I am hoping to due the easy routes on hood and baker this may. Any fellow acl victims have any advice? If you were me would you skip this spring and summer and start in the fall?
  9. wally


    The Kautz is a good one. steeper than DC and Emmons in late july it might be icey. Purchase Mount Rainier climbing guide by Mike Gauthier, for more information. I went in late june last year and conditions were very good.
  10. thanks, I'll check it out. I will probably start hitting the water around april. (still recovering from knee surgery) so I'll post again for partners then.
  11. looking for a place to talk the white water talk. any forums you all know of?
  12. Read the Bible before commenting. Actually it was Lot's daughters who got him drunk and got him in the sack. This is the basis for non-christian opinion on what it is to be a Christian.
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