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  1. Went up Saturday. About 40 people climbed, according to the register. Snow was soft, especially in the afternoon, we summited with snowshoes. If you stay on the regular route you avoid most of the avy terrain. We saw some shallow wet sloughs but not enough to make us turn around.
  2. My sister in law is an HR exec at a medical center in yakima. If you're interested in sending her your resume you can email or PM me and I'll give you her contact information.
  3. Thanks for the heads up Stewart. I'll pass the word around to the folks I know. I saw that the transfer was happening in the paper, and I wondered at the time whether the tribe would end up with it or not. I imagine that will spell the end for any climbing on the rock.
  4. Thanks Sybil. Anyway, the answer is...it's used for both, with varying degrees of success. HAPE http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17015867 HACE http://content.nejm.org/cgi/content/abstract/321/25/1707
  5. Kind of like those Group Health commercials where the doctor/consultant is trying to explain how it really works and the writers are just coming up with more and more fantastic shit.
  6. I've mentioned this in a previous thread, but I get insurance through my professional association and they don't charge extra for climbers. Turns out that the low risk associated with being a cpa trumps the high risk of being a climber.
  7. sounds very, um, romantic. glad you boys had fun up there!
  8. My friend Bob and I were up there on Friday, climbed the Becky Route. Nasty avy path up there. We bush whacked through it for 100 yards or so before figuring out that the trail was still in existence in the woods to the North.
  9. The Canon G10 is about the closest you'll get to dslr image quality in a point and shoot. That said, it's still a ways off, and don't bother trying to shoot moving subjects. It's just not fast enough. Also, don't shoot at an iso higher than 200.
  10. I'd really appreciate any beta if someone would email me. My inlaws live in Methow a few miles north of Pateros and we're over there all the time in the summer.
  11. I've never tried this, so it's just a thought. When I put on handlebar grips on my bike I use liquid soap. Slippery when wet, but once it dries it's like glue. Of course, you'd want a plug or something so you didn't get soap inside the tube.
  12. Try the updated (post recall) Petzl Sarken. I just got a pair, and they look sweet...but I haven't used them yet.
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