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  1. You hit those bolders around mile marker 22? Dihedral of death!!!
  2. Yes, you can still camp on top. Yes the rock is still sharp and chossy and heavily modified. Yes, the movement is still good and the view is excellent.
  3. Still cool to camp at the top of Washington Rock or is there another preferred locale now? Leaving in about an hour, any rapid responses much appreciated. Feel free to text or call if you got the beta and don't see it until later this afternoon, six ten fourteen fifteen, Idaho area code. Thanks, P
  4. Parking still sucks, there's more houses surrounding the good rock (including a homesite at the top of the main cliff) but the logging job unearthed some good boldering. Most likely someone will tell you that you're trespassing, if this is true or not remains to be seen. lol @ real estate ad, I think I know who ran that.
  5. Spoon pic or it didn't happen!!!11 Seriously tho, wtf, it's been 6 hours, pics and TR long overdue.
  6. <3 teh mop up. no, actually, I don't miss it at all. good job firepeeps!!
  7. From which direction to which direction? You want to bolder on decent granite, good gneiss, or hideous volcanic choss? Or if you're headed (or coming from) Hwy 2, a slight detour gets us the limestonez.
  8. What part of Hell's Canyon is this? PM if sensitive.
  9. Milemarker 22 if my memory serves me correct. Dan Gleason FA'd all that shizzle back in '94 and then tought me the finer arts of bouldering there. Except the death flake in that awesome overhanging dihedral. He wouldn't let me at with a crowbar and it was too scary to pull on. Ethics and all that...
  10. Those boulders between hwy 97 and the Columbia 1 mile south of Pateros I mentioned above are awesome. Also, check out the great bouldering along the river about 10 miles up the Methow, right where all the kayakers put in.
  11. Cappellini, are you referring to the cliffs on the East side of the Columbia from Pateros, above the orchard? I got ran out of there years ago by the orchardist before I could check it out but the rock looked good. The boulders down by the Columbia on the west side have a smattering of excellent problems, especially if you like featureless diamond cut slabs. I've done some climbing up the antoine creek drainage back in the day too, no bolts there from my knowledge.
  12. Ooh, just got a nasty email from some concerned locals, apparently it's not fit for public consumption. So I won't mention that it's on some cliffs above a lake above Pateros that shares a name with a no snowboards allowed resort in Utah. Not that it matters since the park is scheduled for closure and there won't be any access soon. http://www.krem.com/sharedcontent/northwest/specialreport/stories/NW_032009WAB-list-possible-state-park-closures-TP.54b82f9c.html
  13. I've heard rumors lately of a new sport climbing area in North Central Washington...supposed to be really steep and on good rock. I've also heard there's gonna be a guidebook for the area. Anybody willing to spill the beans?
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