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  1. Was up the duffey for a ski yesterday, dont gas up the suby just yet
  2. Baker, BC interior

    went skiing yesterday up the duffy, safe to say there is no roadside ice in, great skiing though
  3. Lillooet group warning for 1/30-2/1 weekend

    -2 and snowing, driving thru marble canyon last night(jan 28)
  4. Lillooet group warning for 1/30-2/1 weekend

    probably the most windy also, it can let up anytime now. fahkme!
  5. Lost toddlers jacket on the hike out of cerise creek Sep 30, Green with horizontal stripes and hood, please PM Cheers
  6. stars on ice

    If anyones interested, the economic development officer in Lillooet is looking for some folks to film ice climbing around Lillooet (they have hired a media co.) as part of a promotional video for the area. He hopes to do it this Saturday, March 15 Contact Jerry Sucharyna 250-256-7422 ext.232 PS He mentioned a Heli (North Joffre's around Lillooet isnt it?)
  7. For those who might be interested, http://www2.lwbc.bc.ca/ApplicationPosting/getfile.jsp?PostID=8313&FileID=15431&action=view Please send your comments to: Ministry of Tourism, Sports and Arts Adventure Tourism Manager 510-175 2nd Ave, Kamloops BC V2C 5W1 Application# 3411014 Comments must be received before Nov. 22 I for one am not stoked at the thought of this going through, if you feel the same please let it be known.
  8. Heli-skiing on the Duffey

    Ive heard there have been runs staked out in Channel Crk and near the Wendy Thompson Hut in Marriot Basin. Done deal or just optimistic?
  9. Heli-skiing on the Duffey

    Yep http://www2.lwbc.bc.ca/ApplicationPosting/viewpost.jsp?PostID=8313 I think its Cayoosh Resort in Melvin Creek you may be thinking of.
  10. Moderate something from Vancouver Sep 9/10

    Im in for w. ridge of rexford, or squish lemme know
  11. Whistler Rando Races?

    Just wondering if there are any local races around Whistler, just for fun sort of deals.
  12. Whistler Rando Races?

    Ok, thats small but something not afffiliated with a race series, just for fun, locals, no prizes, no hoopla, just some folks getting together for a little friendly competition.
  13. Whistler Rando Races?

    Yeah, I was kinda thinkin of some smaller local level events. But thanks anywhoo.
  14. Any good ice this weekend?

    the beauty of that climb is that its most probably not seen a 1st ascent. You can only see it from a new road thats just been pushed in. Lillooet area, Anyone?
  15. Any good ice this weekend?

    How about this? (taken on Wednesday)
  16. Lillooet ice conditions

    thin would be a safe descriptor, roads are 2wd but slippery, with the usual rockfall, suicidal ungulates and loaded logging trucks.
  17. Lillooet ice conditions

    climbs thru the bridge river canyon are forming slowly, temps around -10 in the morning and about -5 in the afternoon over the past 2 weeks. Any forays would be sporty I'm sure. Jade falls is formed from top to bottom on the left. sorry not much of a report, but things are shaping up
  18. Here it Comes

    According to some lillooet old timers whenever there has been a summer with lots of wasps the following winter is usually very cold, this summer was awful for wasps so heres hoping theres something to it.
  19. The Coming Ice Season

    Synchronicity looked dry as a popcorn fart today, not that its cold enough or anything, but usually its always seeping?
  20. The Gott Creek basin is regularly used by sledders from Lillooet, so it may be a bit noisy on the Gott side if they are in there when you go. There is a "private" cabin at the end of Blowdown that could be worth a look as well(GR 579766 ish).
  21. Lillooet Conditions ??

    went for a quick spin up the duffey to have a look. all the usual suspects are still hangin in there but are suffering to one degree or another. loose lady and the rambles are faring the best and still looked pretty good. it was interesting along the stretch of road between Carlsberg and the rambles in places where the road is relatively close in proximity and elevation to the river there were large chunks of ice nearly on the road and scattered through the bush. I guesse an ice jam let go. some reasonable temps fairly soon and it shouldnt take to long for things to get back in shape.
  22. Lillooet Conditions ??

    If one enjoys climbing an avy-prone gully in the rain then the future isnt quite so bleak at all!! you first
  23. Lillooet Conditions ??

    +3, been raining for the past four days,supposed to keep raining, freezing level around 2000m means you are most likely SOL