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  1. Because myself and a few other of my girlfriends felt the same way, there is a solid group of us up here in Bellingham getting out in the backcountry together. We've got some tentative hut trips in B.C. planned this January and February. PM if you want to make your way up here sometime. Girls are so much more fun to ski with! Then we make the mandatory stop for drinking.
  2. I might be up for a mellow day on Sunday Knotzen, shoot me a PM if you need a pawtner..
  3. As of last Thursday the little snow bridge at the top of the couloir to the rock was just about to melt out, I wouldn't be surprised if it's gone by now. Crampons and ice axe are suffice for the route- no screws necessary. The rap rings/stations are all straight forward and obvious. As I was descending the couloir in the dark (climbed E. ridge), I didn't get a good look at alternate options- but from what I experienced, it would be somewhat loose/choss rock in places and not very well protected. Hope that helps!
  4. nice work! do you ever take a day off??!!!!
  5. nice work- 6 times a charm! you need to write a book with all your crazy TR's!!!
  6. If it were more focused on that (age) instead, some might look at it in a different light. On her website and in the news the focus seems to be a lot on the ADD part , which I think is a bit much. Yes, it's a disability, but to me if someone climbed Everest with actual limiting physical handicaps, the emphasis on that would be more appropriate.
  7. that was a nice personal TR ryanl- thanks!
  8. After I spent a few hours practicing these scenarios with a single rope, I thought about this same thing. Next time I'll try it with half ropes! This is something every climber should practice and know how to do- I feel foolish for not learning sooner, but better late than never!
  9. Guaymas. GO TO GUAYMAS. The BEST Mexican food. I could eat there everyday. I think it's technically Burlington, but I don't know. But the food Veggie burrito with black beans. Yum. Always a good stop on the way back from Erie to the Ham.
  10. Pic taken by Andy on a 4-pitch climb I can't remember the name of. From what I've heard, the only buildings left standing are the ones with the red-tile roofs in the center, and they will most likely turn Phi Phi Island back into a nature reserve. The diving was AWESOME on Bida Ley and Bida Nok, a 30-minute boat ride from Phi Phi.
  11. As far as I know it's free. I will also be showing the pics with and food at my house the following week.
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