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  1. Thanks Hugh. I had read that article on winter climbers. Even though the article is 2 years old I still figured the numbers were low. I thought a lot of people skied on Rainier (and others). Someone at this site said that Mt Hood was the second most climbed mountain in the world (2nd to Fuji). You would think that the Federal Government would throw more bucks that way.
  2. Obviously I pissed you guys off by asking what I thought was a simple question. So why does CO have a staff of 15 professionals and the NW doesn’t?
  3. The report for Mt Washington is put out by: USDA Forest Service White Mountain National Forest. Uncle Sam writes their paycheck. Point being, why doesn't the NW have better reports? CO has reports to 11,000'. NOAA has weather reports for over 12,000' on Rainier. Where are they getting the information from? How high is the telemetry?
  4. I can't believe the poor avalanche forecasts there is for the Northwest. On Mt Washington in NH,(6200') they have snow rangers that put out a detailed forecast. They even break it down to the gully and it's available around 8:00am. I have been watching www.nwac.us for the past few days. First they only give forecasts up to 7000' and at that it doesn't come out until 11:00am. Who waits until 11:00 to go out? I spoke with a Ranger at Mt Hood asking if there is any other place to get a better forecast and he told me to check out CC.com. What gives? They are both National Parks (N.H. is White Mountain). It's not like Hood or Rainier doesn't see the traffic.
  5. Is this a picture of the S.S. on a Saturday?
  6. Cool pictures! Sounds like your SUUNTO can't tell the correct time or elevation. How steep does the Cooper Spur route get? What are the snow conditions like on the steep stuff? Thanks for the great TR.
  7. You got some really nice shots. I like the way you captured the light. Very well done.
  8. Me neither. Then again, I don't know any strangers.
  9. No hate. I just don't know how he can come off saying that any post of someone looking for a partner is a person looking for a free ride on someone elses planned trip. Besides, you have to admit that Bug's post of the video record in a snow cave is funny as hell.
  10. First off, I recently made a post looking for a Partner to climb Rainier. I clearly stated that I had the plans and my partner stuck me. Who are you to say that posts made looking for a partner are just people looking to "trail along". If this is not a guided climb and you are looking to make up a "team", then who are you to pick the route? Shouldn't that be a "team" decision?
  11. Sounds good. Now let me get this straight. I park at the entrance to the Tilly Jane ski trail and take that to the base of Mt Hood (north side). Where is the Tilly Jane ski trail parking lot and how do I get there?
  12. That's funny. The only thing is I'll have a rental and they will have my credit card info for tickets. Someone told me (from one of the ranger stations) I needed a wilderness permit? Is that to enter the woods or for parking? They were not sure but they thought I got it at a sporting good store. On a different note: I was talking to someone at Whittaker Mountaineering about a Mt Baker guide book. I figure if I'll be out there for a week or so I'll climb as much as I can. I told them I can't get a solo permit for rainier but how it's not a problem for Hood. He told me that "Mt Hood is just a hill". I guess he's not a fan of your mountain.
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