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  1. [TR] A True Hollywood Story- Part Deux- 6/16/2004

    me and warwick davis (willow) on an easier bushwack descent.
  2. Alaska Stoke

    I never said it I got the F.A. just two lines on it that I have done. Did Andy live in the red cabin up there. I was up at the red one, the higest house in anchorage for a while. it was such a shord bike ride in early season when the trail was still dirt. I know most of those guys you listed, and have climbed and skied with them for a while.
  3. WTF: boyfriend; seriously. *DELETED*

    uh, Mike... did you realize that Babushka is Russian for "grandmother"?? Got GILF!!!!
  4. Poop Thread

    what about the dual density dookies. the ones where half the turds in the tank float and the other half of the turds sink how do they do that
  5. books, skis, beacon, more.....

    I have been getting ready to head on out of here, and after going through my stuff i have got a pile of stuff i wont need anymore (mostly because it dosent snow much where i am heading) or i can do without the clutter. Preference will be to those who live in the bellingham/skagit valley area because thats where i am at and wont need to mail them. if you want it mailed, that can be aranged, just pay the shipping though. -Ortovox F-1 beacon $150 -Tua Excalibur skis (190) with Silveretta 404's they are actually the only tua ski that i like, they are in great condition with some writing on the topsheet. $175 -black diamond adjustable poles. $25 -Freeride Mountainbike. Trek Bruiser, fully built dual crown fork, disk breaks, 2.7 inch tires. Really tits' out. i got 2 freeride bikes and need to sell one. it is my favorite one and is fully sound, nothing is afro engineered. it can and has taken huge stair gaps in utah and has been in a few bike vids doing some urban sessions. if your intrested i have pics i can send. this is a hardtail for whistler, has taken all the big drops there and killed them. i am mostly intrested in trading for a cyclocross but even a pretty nice x-country will do. price or trade negotiable. BOOKS Climbing related Hall of the mountain king, Howard Snider $5 Ultimate high, Goran Kropp $5 Everest SW face, Chris Bonnington $5 Basic rockcraft/Advanced Rockcraft (2 books) Royal Robbins. (really cool old book) $5 Climbing Ice, Yvon Chouinard $10 Alaska Ascents, Bill Sherwonit $5 The Ice Experience, Jeff Lowe $5 High Exposure, David Breashers $5 EPIC stories of survival from high peaks, Clint Willis $10 Other Books/Manuals Desert Solitair, Ed Abby $5 Fear and Loathing in Las Veags, Hunter S. Thompson $5 Pre-hospital Emergency care (EMT book) $20 Outdoor Emergency Care (wilderness first aid, first responder, OEC) $20 Chiltons Nissan P/U and pathfinders 70-88 $5 Avalanche Handbook<----------- Best one on the subject! $10 other little ones i will give free to whoever wants them who buys some books. Peace.
  6. books, skis, beacon, more.....

    O yea, i forgot Free 3 foot crab pot in bellingham if anyone wants it.
  7. squishy tuesday 6/15

    till friday, had to wait around one week for a ten minute thing. but i havent been wasting it.
  8. squishy tuesday 6/15

    anybody going through bellingham i could hitch a ride with?
  9. Fragrance Lake-Bolted Crack

    WHAT? That thing is a perfect splitter. chop the fucker.
  10. books, skis, beacon, more.....

    the beacon is still available, i could go down to $125. some of the books are still up for grabs. i had to push back my leaving day till this friday/saturday (11 or 12th) would like to sell it befor then. can be dropped of in bellingham to seattle.
  11. road trippin

    i finished up here in washington like 2 weeks early and am looking to use the time to hit up some mountains and climbs. anyone want to head down climbing from here to utah? like city of rocks, grand teton/wind river range, utah area for a week or 2. the catch is i am a one way ride, but i will have to pay for gas the whole way anyways so i can cover that though.
  12. Pickup truck stickers

    [shoud be] Seen on Whirlwinds van "Dont laugh lady, your daughter could be in here!"
  13. its not too early

    Supplys for Tron suit. 1. Spandex 2. Glow Sticks 3. Yo-Yo 4. Attitude
  14. Mothers, hide your daughters.

    It got approved and I will be getting it in the mail in 2 weeks. Coming to a trailhead near you!!!
  15. BOOKS

    "Zen and the art of motorcycle maintence"! makes you want to travel around aimlessly
  16. Personals

  17. Mothers, hide your daughters.

    thats the one
  18. Your favorite photograph THAT YOU HAVE TAKEN

    second beach
  19. Mini Deathmobile!

    Those things are all over the San Juan Islands, course so are boring ass lazy hippies. Nuke the unborn gay whales!
  20. Your avatar?

    looks like this is what one would be getting into. Sounds like some high maintence ex-girlfriends i have had.
  21. Your avatar?

    i am not up to my greek mythology as much as i should be but isnt pandoras box a place so evil that no good can escape?????? hmmmm, i guess it works for you. (just kidding)
  22. Peeve thread

    you know what i HATE! that fucking LOW CARB/HIGH PROTIEN CRAP. what the fuck is up with that atkins shit? if your a FATASS, dont eat as much, cant get more simple than that. you cant put on pounds you dont eat. let your body live on its reserves for a few days (or months depending on how many trips it takes you to haul ass) and it will come of quickley. Im sure this has been mentioned here before but i was to busy eating a bunless burger and butter to read the previous pages.
  23. A question for the ladies

    I would be hessitant to follow all these peoples advice. Be like R-kelly and piss on her face, those rappers pull all the young tail.
  24. Peeve thread

    Nobody Fucks With The JESUS