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  1. The Debate

    I found the blinking more than a little distracting. Maybe he was doing it so we would not pay attention to the drivel falling out of his mouth. Joe the Plumber turned into an impromptu drinking game where I was watching the debate.
  2. Congrats' to Harper!

    You'd think a guy who's as fascinated with me as FW would get the facts straight, but then we all know he's been drinking the Straight Talk Express Kool-Aid, so maybe not.
  3. Palin's to-be son-in-law HS dropout

    I'm just glad I'm not near retirement age...
  4. Palin's to-be son-in-law HS dropout

    Ehh, I don't know about it being the fault of the little people saving for their retirement. 401Ks are made up of mutual funds and common folk (like me) tend to rely on the fund managers to do what's best to keep the funds solvent.
  5. Congrats' to Harper!

    Well, the guy's not all that bright, so there ya go. See thread title for detail's.
  6. Palin's to-be son-in-law HS dropout

    I don't know how common it is, but in my local union (it's a skilled trade), we would not normally consider a person lacking an HS diploma.
  7. Palin's to-be son-in-law HS dropout

    Don't lose sight of the topic at hand--this is about Levi dropping out of high school to marry his teenage baby momma.
  8. Palin's to-be son-in-law HS dropout

    Everyone I know who lives in AK thinks Palin is a twit. An ambitious twit, but a twit nonetheless. A lot of Alaskans simply can't stand her. Well except the one guy I work with who grew up in Wasilla and went to HS with Sarah Palin, but he seems a little starstruck at the moment. As for Levi dropping out of HS and not registering to vote, well, that's a "private family matter" since they are Republicans. Imagine if Barack Obama's kids were involved in such hijinks, and well, I think things would be different.
  9. "Commie Terrorist Faggot!!!"

    The faith portrayed in that film is the Pentecostals. Sarah Palin is a Pentecostal. Yipes.
  10. "Commie Terrorist Faggot!!!"

    Once again, our brave soldier FW is resorting to the same kind of petty attacks that he gets all high-and-mighty about when they are directed at his people.
  11. "Commie Terrorist Faggot!!!"

    So how come it's OK when FW says ugly sexist things? They are in the vein of the things he's "indignant" about when allegedly being said about Caribou Barbie? Double standard much? Yep, thought so. (ducks before getting hit with FW's ugly ephitets)
  12. "Commie Terrorist Faggot!!!"

    No, unfortunately, they're ours.
  13. The Debate

    McCain and his crew are just coming off as sounding more angry and desperate as time goes on. I think they know their campaign is in trouble at this point.
  14. The Debate

    Wow. You don't see that she's a complete barbie doll? Would she really be only slightly worse than Biden or even on the same scale? I don't want to be completely rude here but REALLY? It's kind of hard to imagine not seeing a huge quality difference between Biden and that thing from AK.
  15. The Debate

    Palin reminded me a bit of one of those keychains that have five Mr. T sayings on them. Ifill: Should we strengthen our military position in Afghanistan? Palin: Shut your mouf'! Ifill: Should we bail out the investment banks? Palin: I pity the foo'! Except her five rote answers were mostly about energy and McBain the maverick. She was shallow and robotic.
  16. Palin Nicknames

    Uh oh, Porter's been over at the FOX site again.
  17. The Debate

    Beck versus the Communications Workers of America Plessy v. Ferguson Not any more difficult than understanding the Bush Doctrine or naming periodicals one reads.
  18. The Debate

    I predict that the bar will be lowered so much that even Palin will be able to get over it. It's the same thing they did with Bush Jr. both times.
  19. Palin Nicknames

    The Wasilla Gorilla Fertilla the Huntress
  20. Challenging speeding tickets

    Sobo, that's an excellent idea for future tickets. Long term driving record must help. One time I was waved over in a similar situation to the OP, but on the freeway. I was cited for going a speed my car couldn't even go. I did all the information requests and got the data that caught me for "speeding" only the car was green and *my* car was blue. It was not my car. I explained the circumstances of being pulled over and showed him the airplane records showing a green car and not a blue car, and he said "I have no idea how they ID the cars" and the ticket stood. Lesson there, don't speed in the jurisdiction of the Ellensburg judge. Apparently you get a ticket, that guy lets it stand no matter what. Following lesson: if you drive a semi-sporty SUV (my current car) even in a subdued color, you will be a ticket magnet. I use cruise control a lot and pay attention to signs, and have two deferrals. Also, deferrals are supposed to be only every seven years, but if you ask nice in Twisp, they might give you one anyway.

    I switched stylesheets in my preferences and went to one called "rounded corners" that has a much better font than that narrow. If anyone else finds the narrow font hard to read, try making that change.

    The narrow font's hard on my eyeballs.
  23. palin e-mail account hacked

    I got the LOLz from Porter's lil' rants. He's a libtard after mine own heart.
  24. Mountain Hardware?

    I think they are pretty safe.
  25. President Palin? WTF?

    I know the point of that video was that he has experience, but I can't help wondering if he's starting to show the fray of dementia. He's inarticulate in such a fuzzy sort of way.