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  1. Wherever you were, go back there next weekend

    But then the train would be cancelled because they can't charge enough to make the fuel work... mass transit is going to shut down across the country pretty soon as everyone stops driving their cars...
  2. [TR] Nowhere - Descents near Stevens Pass 2/1/2004

    I wants the.... precious
  3. Skins

    I've got the ascension clipfix and it can be a pain to adjust them to different skis especially if you're doing it at the hill in 10 degree blowing snow as experienced over new years. But they are good and i havn't had any problems with them staying fastened to my sumos(non twin-tip). But my pocket rockets, didn't like them as much since they have an edge that is dragged across the metal fix. I had G3's at first but the glue was awful, returned them for ascension. Then my ascension went bad and the glue was ripping off, and now I'm on a good pair. My ex girlfriend has the glidelight, and they work pretty well, the glue is too sticky though and hard to pull apart. At least on hers which are on their second season. I know that the manufacturors are constantly changing the glue process to make it the best, so bare with it.
  4. TGR - "High Life"

    you're not understanding that these movies are not marketed to you, they are marketed to people interested in it, if you don't like it don't watch it, go watch warren miller. Or better yet make your own movie since you just want to see ski mountaineering. I agree sometimes I get tired of all the jib flicks and I do get really excited at watching seth morrison ski some narly ass shit in alaska, but the balance of jibbing is very cool and when candide goes 140 feet in the park 40 feet above the table and drops the d-spin 900 you can't help but be amazed. Personally I think urban jibbing is stupid and a waste of time and was invented for people on the east coast where it snows more in town than on the mountain. But I keep my mouth shut because that's what a lot of kids are doing and it's part of the progression of skiing. I thought that MSP's Focused was a much better movie however, check it out for a different pace maybe.
  5. TGR - "High Life"

    so true so true
  6. TGR - "High Life"

    I'm not embarassed inbounds, just don't want to waste my 45 dollars skiing stuff half ass, when i could put on my alpine skis and smash around and be confident and not suffering falling everywhere. All it takes is time and money and people to push me technically.
  7. Ski Lengths?

    I'm going to buy another pair of pocket rockets this summer when I can make some money and mount my tele bindings on my old ones, so i have them as backcountry skis. Freerides would be nice, but I already have a tele set up and I still like to freeheel so fat skis are my ticket. Also after reading posts on this site, I've been turned away from freerides due to lack of torsional stiffness and the random releases. We'll see after a year of skiing how the new Naxo is, maybe I'll end up buying those... all I need is money does anyone know where I can find some?
  8. Ski Lengths?

    I guess they could be bad for touring, but I don't see a reason for it. I took my pocket rockets with some alpine trekkers backcountry touring/yo-yoing at baker a few weeks ago with two feet of fresh and they were amazing, much better than my tua sumos that are 10 cm longer, they floated amazingly but the trekkers were a bitch and I wanted to hang myself because they are such a pain in the ass. I guess that you could say that the super fats are bad because they are heavy, it all depends on how far from the car you go and how deep of snow you're skiing. Baker is suitable since most of the tours are close to the car and the snow is REAL deep. in colorado, it might be better suited to have lighter and slightly narrower since most of the time the snow is not AS deep and it is a lot lighter.
  9. TGR - "High Life"

    P.S. I'm in High life getting off the tram at Jackson hole last year, that day was epic, when we woke up at 5 the report called for 14 on the ground, I was visiting, but my friend was acting like the house was on fire and we were out the door by 5:20, in line by 6 and waited till 6:45 till we saw another person get in line, but it was worth it since the snow was SOOOO deep
  10. TGR - "High Life"

    I think that you guys don't see the progression of skiing, you don't understand that the people that make these movies don't make them for old guys that can still smash at the mountain or go backcountry skiing all the time. They make them for the 13-25 year olds that haul ass, lift accessed backcountry, kill it in the terrain park and enjoy skiing and the experiences it entails. If you guys want more badass lines and shit, you should check out all of the old shit with Plake and Schmidt. But the new stuff is sweet in its own right. Soul Slide is good, a little slow with the music though, could have used something other than G-Love and special sauce. No one can compare to the alpine skiers today on tele boards, the technique just isn't powerful and explosive enough yet. I tele ski a little, but I don't do it in bounds because a) I'm a pussy and b) I don't think that I can ski as quickly and comfortably. but b relates to a directly so go figure.
  11. Ski Lengths?

    I agree it all depends on your skiing manor, but if you're like me, you can ski all your life on straight skis, but once you get your first pair of shaped skis, everything changes, and your level of skiing goes up exponentially. Then you get your first pair of fat skis, then it spreads like wild fire and nothing is too fat, I have pocket rockets and they are AMAZING in everything but the ice, but who likes skiing ice if you're from the west coast. the rockets are 122/90/115 and I could see getting them wider. I have 175's but if I could I would get 185's I'm 155lbs. 5'9". But that's cause I like to smash through the pow, and I don't like going over my tips or sitting back on my tails. This comes from last year skiing at Jackson Hole and Alta, so skiing in washington is a little different and the shorter length is proving ok. But if you are on the more aggressive end, go longer, the float in the pow will be amazing, also if you're getting crossbows for tele skis, just sack up and get the tele daddies, they are SICK
  12. Damn Kids

    wouldn't it be almost four miles high?
  13. Poaching Lines

    fuck you, if you try claiming a stash somewhere and you're no where close to it, it's fair game, you'd better not toss a hissy fit when i rip the shit out of it and you fall the whole way down because I will cut your throat you powder hoarding bitch! P.s. you'd better be kidding
  14. Rope for glacier?

    Where did you find that rope for so cheap?
  15. Whistler\Blackcomb this weekend snoboy

    Is there a guide to the backcountry at whistler or if anyone has any suggestions to the lift accessed backcountry they have to offer that would be excellent. Also where are the cheapest places to stay up there, without staying in squish?