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  1. Words of Wit on the Outhouse Walls

    Your mamas so nasty... Your daddy left her for this shitter because the hole is smaller and it smells better.
  2. stickers?

    It may be played out but.... CAUTION: Horsecock on board! Cascadeclimbers.com
  3. Finally

    Been out of work for 5 F*&^%n months.got a call out of the union hall yesterday. I can now once again be a member of society.
  4. Holy Horsecock Batman!

    The Onion
  5. Bush and Powell are liars

    I cant beleve people are fighting about lying polititions. I am not a crook. Reagan crying at natzi grave. No new taxes. I didnt inhale. I did not have sex with that woman. These people are for sale and power hungry.Get over it!
  6. REPENT!!

    Our Lager,which art in barrels, Hallowed be thy Drink. Thy will be Drunk At home as it is in the tavern. Give us this day our foamy Head, and forgive us our spillage as we forgive those who spill against us. And lead us not into incarceration, But deliver us from hangovers. For thine is the porter the ale and the lager. Amen
  7. What Type of Wipe?

    Never tried that trask.Seems like it would take too long on account of the dog sniffin first.I did rub a sardine on my crack one time when I ran out of T.P. Fuckin little pussy licked it dry.But dood to suggest I would kiss afterwords is just fuckin sick!Especialy since my dog is male.
  8. What Type of Wipe?

  9. Climbing Mt. Shasta

    www.climbingmtshasta.org Mountain cam ,weather etc.
  10. Top 5 Things I hate about work

    5.Not enough money to go play 4.Not enough money to buy new gear 3.Wasted trips to union hall 2.Sitting here reading about people complaining about work 1.Hearing my x wife bitch at me for money.
  11. Whiney ass babies

    The french would surrender if they read any of Trasks post.
  12. Overheard on the way to Certain Doom

    Aug. 1976 Yosemite valley.Its getting dark and im saying to myself i wonder whats up there?And what are these metal things sticking out of the rock for.It was at this point I realized its easier to go up than it is to go down.
  13. where do I go for instruction

    I need to take some rock classes.After reading one of the post I am a little aprehensive about a mountaineer class considering they take 50 people at a time.other options would include WAC or guide service.Money is a consideration.
  14. Who needs the N. Cascades, I've got THE ROCK!!

    I know im a little late but there is,or was two of these at that amusement place in issaquah.

    My brother bought this harness last year then moved back to tahoe.Last I heard he was in oceanside surfing and im sick of draggin it around.It is a black diamond model no. 24814 size large,4 gear loops,Fleece padded belt and in brand new condition.I know it has never been outside.I think he paid around 80 dollars for it.Said he had same model before and it is most comfortable.Looking for best trade.
  16. cpt caveman is gya or sumpin?

    Just think he paid good money to get to that enlightened state
  17. where do I go for instruction

    37,most time in washington has been east side of rainier and goat rocks area.I have backpacking gear(tent,stove,bag)but the only climbing gear is shoes,harness and belay device.I dont know what grade I climb at.Im A big guy so I guess I could carry a keg about 20 feet with no ice.too bad they dont have party balls anymore eh?
  18. where do I go for instruction

    I have only been taught the very basics belay,foot placements,hand placements all done indoors.I went with private lessons at stone gardens A year ago.I have spent alot of time in the mountains around here and lived in Mt. Shasta area for about 5 years, mostly solo trips up(not to the top) and around the mountain and climbing by myself around castle crags.I am interested in instruction geared more towards Alpine rock if that makes any sense.
  19. where do I go for instruction

    this is the best yet.I could be A belay slave that provides beer.
  20. where do I go for instruction

  21. Coffee induced poo

    Is it christmas allready?????????
  22. New Climber

    How much beer?
  23. Coffee induced poo

    Why dont you just take your coffee in with you?This way you dont have to rush and it will be good to the last plop!
  24. asskicking Palestinian

    Hey Chocalate mabee if the bitch stapped on a bomb and blew up a shopping mall like her other comrads you might think different.Or is killing O.K as long as its against the U.S and there allies.And then when one of us say thats fucking enough we are labled as assasains,devils,war mongers,etc.
  25. Ashland Oregon -partners?

    Just moved back up from Mt. Shasta.Castle Crags is good.If you check around you will be supprised.Just remember most places aren't in a guide book.