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  1. Question on crampons

    I have the Charlet Rapidfix S-12 and have used on basic glacier and easy snow climbing to ice climbing on Rainier. Which also included some rock inbetween. I feel very comfortable with them. I've used them on 2 different types/brands of leather boots with no problems.
  2. Mountaineers

    I was one of those "Mountaineers" and you're welcome. There are those of us that are nice and we don't follow that "OLD" stereotype.
  3. Ruth-Icy Traverse

    Thanks for all the input. I'll be heading up there this weekend and we'll see how it goes.
  4. Ruth-Icy Traverse

    Can anyone give me some route beta on this route? Anything that you have will help and be appreciated. Will be attempting towards the end of June.
  5. Climbing Mt. Shasta

    Thanks. I've been checking that website. I'm hoping for some more first hand beta.
  6. Climbing Mt. Shasta

    Anyone know the conditions lately? I've heard there's been some new snow. Heading that way soon to climb.
  7. How big is your ... Dividend?

    I got $150 and that was MORE than I was expecting! Maybe a new pair of light weight crampons.....not sure yet what I'll get.