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  1. Made it to within 50' of the top between the north and south horns on Thursday 7/5. Will post TR as soon as I can.
  2. If the clouds clear out, I think you can see Washington on a couple of these cams..... as well as TFG. http://cws2vm.integra.net/~nsps/weather4.htm
  3. Bump...... Anyone venture up to Jeff for memorial weekend? Conditions?
  4. I have a 15 year old Voile aluminum shovel. I have put it through the ringer countless times. I've dug snow caves in super hard pack snow (almost ice). It has saved my ass more than once. It's a little banged up but I have NEVER gone into the backcountry without it. My next shovel will be aluminum with a saw in the handle. You never know what conditions/situations you will be in someday. My shovel is a piece of essential winter gear and I need to trust it. Just my thoughts.
  5. I climb Mt. Washington (Oregon) quite a bit and always like looking at the past entries in the summit register. Back in 2002 I climbed it in mid-summer and noticed that people were writing their summit entries on receipts and other scraps of paper. So about a month later I hauled up a professional 300 page log book and an ammo can with some slings attached. That day I proposed to my girlfriend on the summit. I diedicated the register with a brief summary of the climb and my love of the mountains. About a month later a friend of mine was on the summit on a busy saturday and watched an unknown person say something derogatory about summit registers just before he hucked it off the 1500 ft drop on the south side. Some people just suck!
  6. Crater lake is cool but 3 nights might be a little long. As said above, I would head east. Fort Rock and Hole in the ground are cool, Crack in the Ground has 14 trad/toprope routes, Silver Lake has the "Cowboy Dinner Tree" (reservations required) very recommended if you like meat. Summer Lake has hot springs, Hart mountain Antelope Refuge is awesome. My wife and I hit all these places on July 4th weekend. Wanted to go to the Steens and Alvord desert but ran out of time. Lots of gravel roads but worth every mile. BTW the lakes in the Hart mtn area are on a 10 year wet dry/cycle and its on the wet cycle now and is incredible. Just suggestions. Good luck.
  7. Nobody mentioned twin ropes. There are some 7.7mm twins available. Does anyone here use twin ropes for thier alpine stuff?
  8. Thanks guys. Anymore favorite alpine cords?
  9. I know it's mostly personal preference, but I was wondering what size/length of rope other people use on moderate alpine/glacier routes? ie..... Traverses and lower angle stuff. Not super steep or vertical ice. Rope are getting thinner these days and I was just curious. Thanks, Shane
  10. How soonish? Do you have weekdays off? Shane
  11. What size is the board? Model? Thanks, Shane
  12. What DPS said... Plus maybe a shovel. It's kinda wide open to the elements/wind. Have had to dig a pit before to get out of the crazy high wind.
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