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  1. There is no way I would ski that, it was way too sun cupped. The people who did ski it looked to be having an awful time. Glissade for sure!
  2. My wife and I summited Mt. Adams this weekend. The conditions were great. Expect to climb down from the top if you are there before 8am. The snow was much too firm to glissade down. Also, please take care in coming down from the lunch counter, there were a couple of very steep parts that were a little tricky. (The snow hill that leads you up to the left of Crescent glacier.) There were good steps kicked in almost all the way to the summit but please bring crampons and ice axes if you intend to go all the way to the top. We had no problem finding water after 10am on the lunch counter. For a full trip report please visit our blog at the address below. Thanks! Higgy Life Blog! -Jeff
  3. Climbing Gear-Biners, Quickdraws, ect.SOLD

    Price Drop. $500 OBO
  4. I have a huge lot of climbing gear that I am ready to get rid of. I used it for 1 three day trip to smith rock and hasn't been touched since. Now I am married and the Wife won't go climbing with me and all of my previous climbing buddies have left. All was purchased in April 2011 and has been in the Mt Hardware bag in a closet ever since. The green rope was used one time in a gym. None of the ropes or equipment has had falls taken on them. No signs of wear on any equipment. The red rope is a bit dirty from the trip but has been wiped with a cloth before it was stored. Both ropes should have 2 seasons at least left in them. (Probably 3 for the greenie) High Res Pics: http://imgur.com/a/AOZh3 What is included: 2 -Camp SMALL PULLEY MOBILE - BALL BEARINGS 2 - Camp 16MM EXPRESS NYLON RUNNER 65cm 2 - Camp 12MM EXPRESS DYNEEMA RUNNER 120cm 3 - Camp ORBIT WIRE EXPRESS DYNEEMA QUICKDRAW 15cm ANODIZED 2 - Camp ORBIT WIRE EXPRESS DYNEEMA QUICKDRAW 20cm ANODIZED 15 - Camp ORBIT WIRE EXPRESS DYNEEMA QUICKDRAW 10cm ANODIZED 6 - Camp COMPACT OVAL CARABINERs 11 - Camp ORBIT WIRE STRAIGHT GATE CARABINERs 3 - Camp ORBIT SCREW GATE LOCKING CARABINERs 1 - Petzl Attache locking Carabiner 1 - Camp ORBIT 3 SELF LOCKING CARABINER 1 - New England Apex 60m Standard Dry Rope 10.5mm (Green) 1 - New England Apex 60m Standard Dry Rope 9.9mm (Red) 1- Mountain Hardware Splitter 38 Bag. Comes with Rope Tarp and room to fit all this gear (Minus 1 rope) 1 - Premade 6mm Prusik Extra 6mm Cord At least 25FT of brand new red webbing. If you need more picture or more information please email me. SOLD I would prefer to not split up the sale quite yet. If I decide to at some point I will repost. Thanks for looking! Please email me at Jhiggy at gmail.com Location: Tigard, OR
  5. Good Place to Practice?

    Thanks so much for the information! I'll be heading up soon to practice! Thanks again.
  6. Good Place to Practice?

    Where is a good/safe place to practice self arrest falls? I live in the Portland Area. I understand Mt. Hood has a bunch of areas, but does anyone have some specifics?
  7. Mt Hood Gear list?

    Thank you! That's exactly what I had planned on bringing. Thanks for confirming it.
  8. Mt Hood Gear list?

    Hello! 2 buddies and I are going to climb Mt Hood in May and I was just wondering what a typical climbing party brings up for a spring accent? I'm mostly curious about technical gear but it wouldn't hurt to see what people typically bring up for individual gear as well. Thanks a ton for the help! Edit: Sorry I should have mentioned that we are doing the south side old chute/pearly(depending on conditions) in late May.
  9. I didn't care that it wasn't from the U.S. I just didn't want to order something from New Zealand and have it take 2 months to get here is all =) Thank you for the info! I'm looking into the you tube posts right now. (didn't even think to look there)
  10. Anyone have any idea of a US film sort of like this one: (or even where I can order that one from) http://www.mtcook.com/video.html I want to take some friends up mountaineering and want to give them something they can watch before they get here to get a jump start on the learning curve. The basics of Mountaineering is all is has to teach. Crampon use/self arrest/roping techniques/crevasse rescue/ect would be ideal. I've searched everywhere for such a thing and can't seem to find it! Thanks ahead of time!
  11. Mt Adams

    Hah this whole thread made me laugh. I tend to side with Rob on this one. All he was doing was giving recommendations, not telling you how to live your life. You definitely don't have to take the recommendations, in fact if anything scroll past the info you don't want. That's the great thing about forums, you get thousands of peoples knowledge and ideas packed onto one site. Take it or leave it, no need to be harsh back. I will be making my first PNW summit this spring as well and decided on Mt. Hood. Let me know how Adams goes as I would like to try that next! Best of Luck.