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  1. Oregon Partners Needed - 6/24-7/8

    Bump. Still looking for partners. I'll be out in OR starting on Tuesday. Thanks!
  2. Oregon Partners Needed - 6/24-7/8

    I would be interested depending on what it is.
  3. Hello! I'll be in Eugene from June 24th to July 8th visiting family and would like do something in the mountains as well. I'm open to suggestions, but would really like to do Mt. Washington, Three Fingered Jack, Broken Top, and Mt. Jefferson. Shoot me a message if interested!
  4. Mt. Washington Conditions?

    Kirk - That's ok. Thanks for posting the link. I definitely would have wanted to see that if I hadn't already.
  5. Mt. Washington Conditions?

    Thanks folks. I got an up close look the day before yesterday but no summit. All slide activity seemed to be on the slopes below the ridge and navigation was not a problem. The upper route has snow cover and is not frozen or consolidated. I didn't set foot on the summit horn because of the snow cover. I'm hoping in a few weeks that'll change but that is what I experienced as of Monday. (sorry, no photos) From the HWY, 3FJ looks like the upper route is more dry than Washington but still snow. I would expect similar conditions.
  6. Mt. Washington Conditions?

    Kirk - So have you gotten a look at it recently? I have also seen the avy report so that's not very helpful. Just trying to decide how much snow will be on the summit prow and last few hundred feet to the top.
  7. Mt. Washington Conditions?

    Anybody been up or gotten a good look at the N ridge on Mt. Washington (OR)? Looking to get up there but would like to know what to expect. Thanks!
  8. Hello, I'll be traveling back to the Cascades this June and will be looking for some partners. I'd like to climb Jefferson and the North Sister but could be easily converted into some other stuff as well. Shoot me a PM or email me at brianc(at)brianinthewild(dot)c o m. I'm available off and on pretty much all of June. Cheers! Brian
  9. Monkey Face Partner

    I've been around climbing a few volcanoes (Hood and Rainier) and will be outside of Bend from June 26 to about July 2. I'd love to get up to Smith and climb the Pioneer's route on Monkey Face but need a partner. I've got plenty of gear and although I'd like to swap leads for time I'd be willing to lead more. Shoot me a message if interested. Brian in the Wild Or use the contact form on my website. Cheers!
  10. Coloradan in the Olympics

    Hello, I'm going to be in Seattle for a wedding on Sept. 24th. I am hoping to hike a peak on the 25th and would like to buddy up with someone familiar with the area. I have experience with moderate alpine trad routes, challenging scrambles and moderate snow. I prefer scrambling but would be open to even an easy hike. Shoot me a PM if you're looking for a partner or wouldn't mind adding one more to your party. Cheers, Brian
  11. So I'll be traveling out to Eugene tomorrow and will be available at least until July 5th (possibly until July 20th). I'd like to get out and climb some Cascades while I'm out and will be looking for partners. I am experienced on moderate snow and am comfortable leading up to 5.8 rock. I have done a fair number of alpine rock and winter snow routes here in Colorado but have yet to climb in Oregon. I don't have anything specific planned but have been looking at Hood, 3 Fingered Jack and Mt Washington (assuming decent conditions). Shoot me a PM if interested and we can work out a time to go. Brian