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  1. wish I had thought of this first!

    wow! I didn't know trolls could count have fun out there!
  2. wish I had thought of this first!

    well at least he's gettin some. Did the other half shoot you down? Off for some fun in the snow tonight Trask good like finding that troll tonight.
  3. wish I had thought of this first!

    as if Tim Eyman didn't make a mockery of it to begin with.
  4. wish I had thought of this first!

    wait a minute...you're a troll? and I'm not real? Man I think i had one too many
  5. wish I had thought of this first!

    thanks for posting that site! ChrisT He's the guy who started the car tab initiative etc etc etc trask- don't be mad b/c you think I'm a hippie and that you're not my favorite person anymore today.
  6. Yo

    My chocos match everything
  7. Yo

    I guess that's true... birks do come in sooooooo many colours. So does that mean your birks match your coat? I think trask is just jealous b/c he must have to wear wing-tips.
  8. Yo

    I knew that would do it! No better way to turn off a right wing wingnut than to say you wear birks.
  9. Yo

    but hey! my birks match my muff!
  10. Yo

    i wear birks. i'm pretty sure that precludes me from having style
  11. Yo

    drool is soooooooooooooo unattractive
  12. Yo

    Muffy- you're sense of fashion is so much better than mine! A nooner would be a lot more productive than anything else I've done today. I need a new project at work! Too much free time!
  13. Yo

    so the curtains don't match the muff (so to speak)

    Bow Wow

    i never knew that minx=minks. nice to know that i've got valuable fur

    ...until you wake up? i try and avoid even being in the same room w/you right wingnuts this minx gets all she needs at home

    LMAO! It takes more than pretty drinks to make this minx enough to get too close to trask

    wow- trask has finally done something I like. Nice avatar
  19. Social Security

    and maybe a little of this Gawd i really need to get more done at work today!
  20. Social Security

    how about more of this
  21. Social Security

    I have standards....there just not very high Good beer and never have to watch Jim Foreman at the site of some current almost disaster is really all I need
  22. Social Security

    Screw whirled peas and utopia! Unlike muffy I am easy. DFA can have my vote if bans all local news broadcasts in their current format and requires every able bodied adult to spend at least 2 hours a week outside away from paved surfaces. How about raising the price of gas for a related reduction in the price of ?
  23. Seattle Pub Club 1/14/03

    Mt. Si tavern is perfect for me but then again I live in the sticks. Might not work for people who live in real neighborhoods and towns.
  24. Seattle Pub Club 1/14/03

    Caveman Ya gotta quit punching them. Use your club, use the club!
  25. Seattle Pub Club 1/14/03

    What about the Rogue in Issaquah? Still too pricey?