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  1. creatine

    Wasn't Milosh the name of that tennis pro on Seinfeld that turned out to be a total wanker fake? Always thought it sounded more Czech than Russian
  2. cc.com hax0red

    The shitrats have no idea who they're messin with
  3. Skiing Specialization Chart

    Nobody better bid on these, I'm saving up, only $1000.http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2713228670&category=36263
  4. Skiing Specialization Chart

    Where are the Bogneros and Aspen Fur Muffins in Escalantes?
  5. Down with EVIL!!!

    Damnit I bought a falafel off this guy last week, I swear!
  6. Doggy Fizzle Televizzle

    "i've been getting lots PMs 'bout da upper mountain conditions." .. here's some recent info on da topic." as of today, friday da 7th, da route muir is in bomb diggity shape." folks has been booting in da trail izzall week." da snow is somewhat firm fo' most of da snowfield, as da wind has been blowing quite a bit da last few days n' shit. most of da wind has been from da EAST, know what I'm sayin'? .. we took a few board runs down da big ass chutes/gullies that drop into da nisqually glacier, know what I'm sayin'? .. da snow wuz firm, but spooky." .. a lot of windblown snow wuz piled in da chutes by da easterly winds n' shit. be careful as da afternoon sun softens 'em, i fear that da avalanche condition will sky rocket, know what I'm sayin'? .. " I bet the dog could rip up the freshiez with his mind on his money and his money on his mind
  7. Single Malt Bargain

    Utah (oddly) = 2.50 mickey's of gin
  8. Smiff MuD...

    Ya might not want to take yer kid this weekend. I'm gonna be pounding and streaking up a storm
  9. gun-nut question

    A couple of friends of mine work as customs and border officials, one at Sumas, the other at Christina Lake. They love it when folks from backwoods Montana come up with their trucks filled with all sorts of assault rifles and the like, having no idea about gun laws in Canada. Yes, Alaska where in some parts there is a Grizz for every square kilometre an encounter is going to be almost unavoidable (but why the fuck do ya want to go backpacking on sandbars next to salmon choked rivers anyway unless you really want to HAVE to bag a bear?) But for most places in BC if you need a gun to stop a bear you've already done something wrong like not made enough noise or cooked steaks and salmon for dinner!
  10. Welch Peak, NW Face

    Has anyone ever done this route? Is it basically steep snow, or does it ever form as ice. When is it in condition? Skiable or death? Thanks.
  11. Mazda Trucks

    I need a new truck because mine has a zillion miles on it and it isn't 4X4. I know the gold standard is the Toyota Tacoma, but dam, they're expensive used and seem to have lots of miles on them. Does anyone own a Mazda 2600 or a Nissan 4X4 truck? Are they anywhere near as good as Toyotas? One friend with a mazda says thy're great, but another has spent more on repairs than he paid for it.
  12. Mazda Trucks

    quote: Originally posted by mattp: Mine is a little slow in the passing lane, but otherwise it seems quite adequate. Over the last 20 or so years I've driven a Nissan and two Toyota's, about 100,000 miles each, and the Toy's have been overall more reliable. But for most of us work-a-day weekend warriors, why do you want a truck at all? I've said this before, but it largely seems to be an image thing where guys gotta have a truck even though they actually use it like a car. Ha, ha, ha. Come to Canada. Your options for mountaineering in the summer are VASTLY reduced if you don't have 4WD hc. And from most S10s I've seen, they don't cut it in terms of clearance up here. Waterbars in the Squamish area can be three feet deep by three feet across! If you're ever in Whistler and you notice that there's a lot of Tacoma's without bumpers, that's why.