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  1. Some friends are talking about doing a weekender there, but I was thinking it might be a bit thinnish. Anybody been up there lately? TIA, JP
  2. Snow Coverage in the Tatoosh?

    The FreshieQuest was a Success. There was plenty of snow in the Tatoosh. It was snowing when we pulled in Friday afternoon. It started to clear just after we’d set up camp, so we did some cocktail runs on the slopes East of Reflection Lks. Powder, turns, smiles. Saturday dawned clear and cold to bluebird skies, windless climbing in shirtsleeves and more powder everywhere. Pow in the chutes below and to skier’s right of the Castle. Pow in the treelines leading back to camp. Pow on the ridgetops. A new benchmark in bc days for me. I skied until I couldn’t hardly stand up anymore and limped back into camp around 4:20. Sunday, we got in one long run on the NE side of the Unicorn, I think... Would love to of explored more but the visibility was going South and we had to drag our camp back to the trailhead. It was snowing heavily down to the park entrance as we drove away.
  3. Tim Olson

    I know where the Mystery Climb is. I always figured you for the FA, Wayne, or did I hear that wrong? I love Tim too much be to objective about the book, but the book of backcountry climbs that he never published is still my favorite. Sure wish he could ski on those knees of his. Here's to climbing with you, Tim!
  4. Snow Coverage in the Tatoosh?

    Thanks, T3. I'll go party in the snow then. Mini no more!
  5. How big is your ... Dividend?

    Sounds like gu for lunch then!
  6. Hood River climbing?

    Don't forget Windy Crag for some quick apre work cragging. It's about the miniest of crags imaginable but still kinda fun on the right day.
  7. Remake Songs That Suck/Rock

    It took me forever but I’ve finally decided that Joe Cocker didn’t suck. Those spazzed stage mannerisms put me off for a long time, but now I’m inclined to think he was some kind of interpretive cover genius. Help w/ my Friends in 3/4 time, The Letter as a shuffle, he played Feelin’ Alright pretty straight but it’s still the better version, imo. The list goes on.
  8. Pub Club 2/25

    "...with bells on..." Is that you, Grandma?
  9. Complete climbing rack

    I've thought about selling my kit a couple of times in the past. Fortunately, my SO talked me out of it both times. Thanks JV!
  10. Who went skiing today? Conditions?

    Sunday’s FreshieQuest at White Pass was mostly in vain. Snow was dry and cold tho, and we did find some un-stomped freshness on the treelines down the back side. Very nice. I’d never been there with any visibility, so wow! Sweet little area.
  11. Beacon Rock climbing description

    I see what you mean… The attitude of “I’ll do what I want” is similar but the actions aren’t equivalent. That makes sense. Still, I’ll bet Mr Trad doesn’t think he’s hurting anybody either. And ultimately, he probably isn’t. But what continues to baffle me is wtf he’s doing with all those rings. Maybe he makes ‘em into cheap jewelry or something. Thanks for the explanation. Party on.
  12. We need to bring our troops home - NOW!

    The constituents they’re pandering to, I’d imagine.
  13. Beacon Rock climbing description

    Not that it has anything to do with the subject but… How is Mr Trads bad attitude with regard to anchors any different than your own? Isn't Mr Trad saying the same thing? IOW, “You don’t like it, go climb somewhere else!” Don’t me wrong here, bcd, I love dogs. Dogs are good peeps. I’m just perplexed by your apparent double standard. Is there some logical explanation, or are you just another asshole?
  14. EMP?!?!?!

    I'd almost rather drink the stuff straight than read the label.
  15. Always keep your hands out front where you can see ‘em, and really, really relax your ankles. Turn by scrubbing the inside foot back like you were scraping gum off your shoe and remember, speed is your friend. Now go get those s!
  16. EMP?!?!?!

    Here I thought somebody’d scanned in a Dr Bronners bottle… “It’s all god.”
  17. Spring Ski-in Oregon Style

    Sisters can be a real pain. So maybe the SSOS goes to Anthony Lakes then. You guys'll have marched all over the Sisters already. Isn't Anthony closer to the ?
  18. Spring Ski-in Oregon Style

    Have sled, will haul.
  19. Snowing at the Hole.

    Skibowl re-opens for apre’ work fun! http://www.skibowl.com/winpage.htm I skinned to the top o’ canyon two weekends ago and the coverage wasn’t that bad (not that it was good…) They’ve picked-up 6” of new in the last 24hrs, and they probably got about that over the weekend, so things may be picking back up for America’s largest night ski area. Think Fresh.
  20. Wow. Thank your friend for asking. That sounds like fun. I'm gonna be in the Wallowas that week, but somebody'll jump on this.
  21. Snowing at the Hole.

    OH YEAH??? OH YEAH??? Well, well… oh well. I really have no idea. But if SkiHole says it snowed a foot last night I always adjust my expectations accordingly. I heard someone from the Northern side of the Medicine Line take umbrage with their hype too. Seems there’s a Canadian resort claiming to be the “Largest Night Skiing Area in North America!” Long as it's snowin', who cares?
  22. Got'cher Shore Leave Covered

    Another reason to keep those inspections going. BAHRAIN: A WINTRY OASIS The desert emirate of Bahrain, where summer temperatures hit 122 degrees, is to build a $175 million indoor ski resort on its own reclaimed island, the newspaper Gulf Daily News reported. The resort, Iceberg Tower, which will be developed by BCB Bartels Consult of Berlin, will include areas for skiing, ice climbing, snowboarding, ski-jumping and sledding, the newspaper said. It will also have an ice-sculpture park, an Arctic zoo, a science park and a convention hall. Later plans for the complex include a hotel, a shopping mall, a medical center, a marina and a seaside resort. (Agence France-Presse) http://www.nytimes.com/2003/02/18/international/middleeast/18BRIE2.html (registration required)
  23. outdoor fees...yes again

    There was a segment on Oregon Field Guide a coupla weeks ago about the Fee Demo Program and to augment the program they opened a forum and chat line for the evening. The next day they replaced the chatline with a poll (good move.) Last I checked, there were just under 500 responses to the poll, so in the interest of beefing up the sample, I’m posting the url here. There are some good posts in the forum, but the traffic's slowed almost to a stop. Vote early and vote often… or not. http://www.opb.org/programs/ofg/chat/ "It's only talk."
  24. The secret's out!

    Not that you asked but... Until I found this site, we’d always called it Donkey Dick. As in: “That fucking rock rat stole my donkey dick!” That’s close enough for horsecock and snafflehounds, I'd say. But by any other name there's some horsecock in my pack as we speck. So whatever that means, my secret's out now, too.
  25. The secret's out!

    Maybe you offended one of the "spancers." So somebody clue me in. Did I have the sub-contextual meaning of horsecock totally wrong? Hey, a lurker no more! Wait a minute…