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  1. Hood - Fatality

    Wow. This is not good. Bob's TRs were epic. RIP telemon.
  2. Tauntaun Sleeping Bag!

    A must! Click pic for linky.
  3. Guitar Jam plans K2 Climb!

    For Kevbone with beta! This morning's funny.
  4. Thanks for posting those guys. Wasn't that Don who had his picture in Climbing? The one where he was holding that melted rope he'd lost in the Snow Creek fire? That was a good story. Unfortunately there's no way I can make it to the memorial Thursday. Think I'll go get that glass to raise now...
  5. I'm really sorry to hear this. I climbed with Don twice and ran into him here and there a few other times. Always glad to see him. He was a good guy and will be missed. My heart goes out to his family and close friends.
  6. Beacon Rock - ROCK STATUS REPORT

    This just in: Someone was spotted drawing a topo w/o asking for permission! Alert the authority!
  7. Mt. Hood Wilderness Blocked Again

    One more summer to ride the Roaring River trail. Thanks "Dr No".
  8. An epic sandbag. ;-) Way to rap the rubble!
  9. slideshow/computer help

    Not sure what format the Barney song's in, but sometimes you can burn the songs you need to an audio CD and then use WMP to rip them back into the box as DRM-free mp3s. After that, importing to MSMM is easy. Good luck.
  10. your worst nightmare

    Halle Berry turns into Aunt Jemima beneath me. Woke up screaming from that one.
  11. slideshow/computer help

    First of all, I'm sorry for your loss. That stuff is no fun. Picasa does a nice slideshow. http://picasa.google.com/ It's incredibly easy to learn. Slides fade from one into another, mp3s can be attached and I believe there's a burn to DVD function now. I won't be able to check until after eight tonight or so, but PM me for my email addy if you need help with it.
  12. The world is now a better place

    I really should read this forum more often.
  13. New Beacon Master Topo!

    Joe's right about Duck Baker. Go get climbed ya hoser.
  14. Best guitar player on the planet.

  15. New Beacon Master Topo!

    I've got zero time for this, and ultimately, it seems like you guys are gonna see what you want to see, but... The TimO I know is a guy who loves to draw. He loves drawing topos the way some folks love putting up routes. I've got a several of his drawings hanging in my home. They "may not be Art" but I love them. The topo was my wifes idea. They were talking over dinner when she mentioned that she thought it'd be cool to have one of his pen and ink drawings of Beacon's South side blown-up and mounted on poster board. I think she envisioned no route info at all. For a number of reasons that idea morphed into what we're talking about here. It "may not be art," but I think folks will find it a lot more useful. We're still hoping to get the poster made someday. The original drawings are beautiful. The vibe was so different when we ran into you guys on the SE Corner last year... Climbing will do that, I guess. The "Beta Genie" has been out of the bottle for a long time. I have got to go!
  16. New Beacon Master Topo!

    I have to call BS here, JH. You and I exchanged emails about this project. Tim also contacted you. I saw the emails. My understanding is that he at least tried to set up a meet with you. You're saying that never happened? "Effort" was made. But as you indicated then, and you're certainly reinforcing here, the only contribution you guys were willing to make was to say, "Don't Do It." It seems a bit beyond phony to now come here and say that no attempt was made to get you guys onboard. I think it's pretty obvious who hasn't reconciled their ill will here. Tim "moved on" long ago. Please consider trying to do the same.
  17. New Beacon Master Topo!

    I've got one too. I like it. Thanks TimO!
  18. 300

    "Drop and give me 300!"
  19. Another Mt Hood Stupid Comment

    Another stupid Mt Hood comment: 11:00AM and there's no team at Tie-In Rock? That report just can't be right.
  20. Another Mt Hood Stupid Comment

    I've done enough climbing to know that I'm a skier. Yesterday, waiting for Heather to open, I got to listen to a ski patroller expounding upon the "they screwed up" school of thought. He started off with the classic "it's not a Winter climb" line, which (I hope) I effectively countered. Then he followed with "they didn't have the weather window," which led to a discussion of how nice it'd been on that Friday, Saturday and (below a certain elevation) most of Sunday, too. The talk sort of trailed off from there. We both realized that we weren't going to change one another's mind. Unfortunately, to the other people, I was just a guy standing there waiting. He was the guy with "the jacket." As much as I'll detest the whole "Jeebus Saved Us" circus, I REALLY want those guys to come down and shut up the "Yahoos from Texas" crowd.
  21. Stabs at Musicians

    "A gentleman is a man who knows how to play the banjo, and doesn't." Mark Twain
  22. Stabs at Musicians

    Q: How do you get a guitar player to stop? A: Put sheet music in front of him.
  23. Stabs at Musicians

    Q: Whadaya call an accordianist with a cellphone, pager and a daytimer? A: An optimist.
  24. Stabs at Musicians

    A shipwrecked mariner is washed up onto a desert island. He slowly wakes up and crawls up the beach. Suddenly, he hears the sound of insistent pounding of drums. Just then, an island native comes into sight. The mariner weakly asks him "What's that sound of drums I can hear ?" The native, very nervously says "The drums...when the drums stop...very bad." The mariner tries to ask "why ?" but the the native, very frightened runs away. He crawls furthur up the beach...to the edge of the beach...and to the edge of the tropical forest and the drums are getting louder. His head is pounding but he sees another native. "Please, please tell me", he says, "what are these drums ?" This native, even more nervous than the first, says "When the drums stop.......very, very, bad" and runs away. Finally, the mariner makes it into the forest and into a clearing. The drums are deafening. He staggers up to a huge grass hut and inside is the chief, a huge fat man with his fingers in his ears. He asks again "Please, please, someone tell me what is it with these drums ?" The chief unblocks his ears and says with a very sad face "When the drums stop, very, very, very bad." "Yes I know", says the shipwrecked mariner. "But why?" The chief looks sadly up at him and says ...."Bass solo."