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    That is what I was thinking....
  2. I would have thought that they would have picked the half cooked side.....
  3. A ranger told me that the Carbon was impassable when I climbed in in mid July... We stepped across one 6 inch crack to get to the ridge...
  4. Pitch lengths on Green Drag-On

    I have rapped from the top of P2 to the ground with a 60m cord (streched). You have to rap to the base of P1 of D-H and Town Winer though which results in just a touch off of the pumb line (to climbers left). Have fun, I have wanted to solo it for awhile but have ended up climbing it with a partner three times... fun climb.
  5. the pixs were great....
  6. [TR] Destroyer & Enigma

    Did you leave the blades? What is the best bet for geear? Did you only have one 60 m line.... This is looking good... PM me if you want to give away any good info.... Oh, the easy life... Chad
  7. any one know how to reach...

    Thanks fenderfour....
  8. I climbed it on the evening of the 19th (oh, my that is a week ago now....) and had a good time. Leaving the parking lot after 5 is the way to do it.... had lots of for the trip out.... Good times for an after work party.... and my buddy got a red alien out of the deal as well... Got to love free gear....
  9. SOLD--Cams: *DELETED*

    PM sent for Tech friends.... I would want all three.
  10. Hubba Hubba Trip Report

    Is the road open up to Bridge Creek? Thanks in advance. Chad
  11. Good 'ol Boy List

    I way I see it it is that most of the other "people" on this site are avatars.
  12. Mt. Const...West Ridge..TR

    Thats the summit.
  13. Triumph NE ridge tomorrow

    I would like to go but school is killing me at the moment. Maybe some time soon though. I take it that you are almost always up for it. Well, I will PM some time when I am headed that way.