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  1. Redoubt, Spickard, Rahm, Custer, Mox Peaks?

    Have you been up Depot Creek before? The approach shouldn't be a problem unless you are not familiar with the boulder dash next to the waterfall....for some reason this gives some people problems......the road can be a little muddy this time of year.....bring 4x4....my Subaru got worked as I recall. Just give it a shot......it's a lonely area.
  2. Just leave a message if you want to go. I'm going to go either way......we could descend via different route.....W. Salmon....gonna find powder anyway I go.
  3. Beta on Shuksan, Baker, Wa. Pass Area?

    Since you are coming from the Sea Town.... I can see why you don't want to drive up to the Baker Lake road just for a looksy. Its just a shorty drive for me.....but as I recall it was a few weeks ago now.....and I'm sure you can drive your car or whatever you got to the trailhead. Yea, and if you haven't been up there before...it's not really a trailhead....more like the road just ends......it's really nice when you have to pay for a permit to have the road end.
  4. Beta on Shuksan, Baker, Wa. Pass Area?

    A yea, I recently went up to the trailhead for Shuksan's Sulphide glacier......you should have skiis for this trip, as it wouldn't be worth the energy with snowshoes......as are most of the glacier slogs in the Cascades.....the snow begins just shy of the trailhead proper. I hope this helps you.....don't forget your slog permit.
  5. Shuksan 25th, 26th

    Looking for a partner to do a carry over (with skis) on Shuksan's N. Face or White Salmon to the Sulphide Glacier on the 25th or 26th......this could be a long one day trip or more likely bivy along the way.....please drop me a message if you got the time and interested.
  6. Shuksan 25th, 26th

    Yea, I guess that was a while ago.....do you have some time off to go skiing?
  7. Washington SAR conference '02

    Drew, I think that you will soon find out that most individuals involved with SAR, are in fact, looking to be rescued......perhaps not in the realm of climbing, but in one of the many other facets of life. The words SAR and Mountaineers can and should be used synonymously......I hope not to deter you from your ambitions or aspirations, I just hate to see other climbers waste their climbing time away.
  8. Mt. Baker Mountain Stewards - Volunteers Needed

    Yea Dru, Just the Gendarme pitch really,.........I think I was a Steward on Steward for a couple days in the winter.......I got some good training from the weather gods. I don't think you can get that kind of training on Mt. Baker?
  9. April 13-18

    Hi Jens, Yosemite and the Icefields both sound great.....but I don't have that many days....but do have 15-17th off and would be interested in doing an Alpine Climb or Ski in the N. Cascades....however that would mean you would have to face the risk of rain....needless to say I will be looking for a partner to do something like NF of Shuksan....Buckner.....Ski White Salmon Glacier, maybe a Baker Climb, something up in my neighborhood. Just drop me a note if interested.
  10. Baker Mobiles.....

    Just wanted to see how many other climbers or skiers have run into people on snow machines on the summit of Mt. Baker......lately (over the past three months) I've run into people running their machines up and down the summit headwall. Is REI selling snow machines now? Looks like great excercise......just not too sure about any restrictions the Forest Service might have against this sport? I would love to see a member of the Mountaineers confront one of these snow machine maniacs. After talking with one of these sledders I discovered that it's possible to make it to the summit from the base more than 15 times in one day.....that has to be a record. Happy sledding my machine head mountain friend.CHEERS!
  11. Worst Approach, Worst Descent

    I would have to aggree with you Michael.....Mt. Slesse's approach and descent is a real bitch and a half. Especially when you use a stick for an ice axe on the Damn Pocket Glacier. And a child size bicycle waiting for you on the south side of the peak. The only thing that would make this approach and descent worthwhile would be a A-star Chopper provided by the RCMP. MOON Thanks to whomever left the bottle of Vodka on pitch 16......the only thing that made it a NA classic. rink
  12. Boot Fitter

    Hey Doug, Does this guy do custom rock shoes? I've always had work done by Gary Mekan in Salt Lake city because he's the only one I really know in the United States that specializes in custom rock shoes, but would be interested in knowing if there was someone locally who makes custome rock shoes. Thanks
  13. I believe these boots are about 5 to 6 years old, but I only used them about 5 times, there size 8 mens, I'd like to give them to somebody for about $50, which is really a pretty good deal even for somebody who would just like to use them for ice/alpine climbs. I live in Ferndale... so I could meet up with those who are interested or mail them to ya...also could send pic if you like.
  14. Green Dragon Beta

    As I remember the coner pitch (2nd pitch) can be quite slimy and wet......I recall being saturated to the bone, perhaps bring rain gear for that pitch and then toss you rain gear back to the bottom? Or just wait untill the whole route is dry.....a novel idea, but probably worth the wait. Have fun.