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  1. Looking for La Sportiva Karakoram GTX, euro size 42 dyonkin@hotmail.com
  2. Cm Pulsars Set

    Like new, Charlet Moser Pulsars, matching adze and hammer with original CM leashes. Picks look unused. Retail $175.00 each, yours for $225.00 + $10 shipping. dyonkin@hotmail.com Pictures available.
  3. Wanted: Used Alpine Pack

    Arcteryx Nozone Cold Cold World - chernobyl or chaos Wild Things - Ice Sac dyonkinathotmaildotcom
  4. Crampon Attachment Preferences

    or the newest type: Charlet Moser Dart
  5. Ice tools

    I got quarks for $325 including shipping [ 11-06-2002, 07:03 AM: Message edited by: Elvis ]
  6. Looking for modular hammer head for Charlet Moser Quasar. dyonkinathotmaildotcom
  7. Patagonia Direct-x jacket

    Like new, large, acid green. Make me an offer. dyonkinathotmaildotcom
  8. HB Offsets for Trade

    Have new set of HB offsets 0-6 (7) for trade. Need ice screws, schoeller pants or bibs (used ok) 3rd tool (grivel, CM) dyonkinathotmaildotcom
  9. Charlet Moser Quark

    Realizing this is a steep ice tool, does the radical curve make low angle ice awkward? (e.g. approaches)
  10. Cold Weather Gear

    "Daddy needs a new pair of ice tools" For sale: Mountain Hardwear Exposure Jacket, excellent shape, medium, brown. All the bells and whistles. Mountain Hardwear Exposure Pants, w/MH drop down suspenders; full side zips. Excellent shape with the exception of 2 professional repaired crampon punctures. Black, Medium. Mountain Hardwear Dome Perignon Hat. Medium. 200 wt fleece. Brown (matches jacket above). Mountain Hardwear Anorak. Large. Blue. Good shape. Patagonia R2 Jacket (2001), Medium, Black. Great Shape. Patagonia Synchilla Pullover, Large, Gray, Great Shape. Will email you pics if desired. dyonkin@hotmail.com [ 09-13-2002, 10:22 AM: Message edited by: Elvis ]
  11. WANTED: Used Bike Trainer

    No rollers, stand only. Wind or fluid ok. dyonkinathotmaildotcom
  12. unroped on a glacier?

    quote: Martin go back to drilling holes in your toothbrush like Ed Veisturs. NITRO[/QB] Ah now make up your minds, how the hell am I gonna fill in the holes in my toothbrush.
  13. BD GTX Frontpoint gaitors-need some

    There's a pair on ebay.
  14. 2 BD Microcams for Trade

    I have two Black Diamond Micro camalots (.1 & .2), never been placed (part of set). Want to trade both for one 3.5 BD Cam. email backwards moc.liamtoh.niknoyd
  15. Mondaze? Watch Punchie

    poor pikachu!
  16. Your avatar?

    He's the king
  17. Lance Armstrong

    Kudos for his team as well. They work their asses off to keep Lance in the lead. Word is that he gives all his winnings to the team.
  18. BD Ice Pack on Sale - $89

    BD Stone Pack for $63 at www.northernmountain.com
  19. New Crack

    Me too. Back in '71 I believe (I was MUCH thinner then)
  20. Elvis Lives!!

    Die non believers!!
  21. FS: Sierra Designs Women's Genesis 3.0 Pant

    Do they fit your ass better?
  22. Eugene Pub Club Wed 6/12

    quote: Originally posted by Anna: I've said it before and I'll say it again.....to each his/her own.....but I do believe that PBR reigns true! PBR? You NEED to get out more
  23. Roping Up

    Four climbers, all of equal ability (intermediate to advanced) One rope team of 4 or 2 rope teams of 2?
  24. In Praise of Scot'teryx

    quote: Originally posted by trask: I like the matching bandana and "everything in it's place" accessories. Fashion should always come first