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  1. poison ivy

    Try Rhus Tox. This is a homeopathic remdey that you can probaably find at any health food store where naturual medichine is sold. I always carry it with me when I go into the mountains. Just beware that nicotine or alchol will interfere with the remedy. Good luck.
  2. green butte sargents ridge

    I was wondering if anyone had beta on the green butte to sargents ridge route. I am planning on heading to shasta on thursday and can't find any useful info on this route. Some guide books say you should bring a rope and and others say a belay might be needed in spots. What should I bring for this route?
  3. illumination point

    Is it neccessary to rope up on the zig zag glacier on the approach to illumination saddle?
  4. Sunshine Route?

    In technical diffuculty how hard is the sunshine route on hood? What is a good time of year to do this route?