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  1. USFS Declining Use - Interesting Story

    I think the Forest Pass is an issue to some extent. The person or group that decides to go on a hike will now drive to the trailhead, see signs that say they need a pass, and wonder what the pass thing is all about. I ran into this at a trailhead last Summer. A group of guys pulled into the parking lot next to my car. "Do you need a pass here?" they asked me. I told them they did. They risked the day without a pass. I have no idea if they got ticketed, but I suspect that for those who do, it really dampens their intial wilderness experience. I agree with the comment that you don't need a lot of expensive gear to start out, though advertisers would try and convince you otherwise. Summer hikes were common for our family, and we wouldn't carry much more than lunch, sweatshirts, and maybe a flashlight and compass (me carrying these, possibly hoping the hike might break out into a real adventure). Now they try and convince people that even for short excursions you need hydration systems, nutrition systems...and maybe a college degree as well.
  2. middle fork cascade river

    Does anyone know the status of the Middle Fork Cascade River trail? The USFS report dated May 11 says closed due to fire and flood. http://www.fs.fed.us/r6/mbs/recreation/activities/trails/cascades.shtml
  3. TR and critique

    If you like Earth Wind and Fire, then the chicks should be willing to put up with your Led Z occaisionally. EW&F has legs. Their version of Got to Get You into my Life beats that of the fab 4 hands down. I can't rave enough about them within the small confines of this bulletin board...
  4. POT STIRRER; Is telemark skiing overated.....

    Any other telemark boarders out there?
  5. Avalanche: Harsh lessons

    Considering that this trailhead is one of the more popular and easily accessed winter trailheads there should probably be some kind of warning sign at the trailhead about avalanche danger. Is there one? Anyone who watches the evening news for a few years but never takes a step in the mountains can come to the realization that this area is potentially dangerous. As far as avalanch beacons go, why not, if you are the REI, post a sign in the area where the beacons are sold telling when your next avalanche awareness class is (maybe they do this, already)?
  6. Cascade Glaciers - then and now

    Here are some photos showing how the South Cascade Glacier receded from 1960 to 1992. A couple of other relevant links: 1999 USGS data South Cascade Glacier Express
  7. Where's the outrage???????

    I might be inclined to put bike helmets and grocery cards in this category too. I prefer going to a store that treats me like a person, not a piece of data. I also prefer being able to exercise my own judgement on wearing a bike helmet.
  8. Closing City Parks

    Our King County Exec and other elected officials should be working overtime with lawnmowers to keep the parks open.
  9. Closing City Parks

    Our parks are being held hostage...for more tax dollars.
  10. That will leave a mark!

    All the big kids in the neighborhood were riding down from the top of the Big Hill. I decided to try it. I think I'd only been riding my bike for a couple weeks. My bike was different from theirs. It didn't have brakes. The pedals went proportionatley faster as the speed of the wheels increased. No such thing as coasting. My neighbor had given it to me (of course I had refused it at first because it was a girl's bike, but he was good with metal and fastened a bar from the stem to the seat post to save me from this extreme embarassment). The wipeout occurred about halfway down at which point the pedals and wheels were moving much faster than my little legs could keep up with them. Me and my friend built a treehouse way up in a cedar. We cut off all the branches below it so any enemy neighbor kids couldn't get up it. We used a long section of rubber hose to shinny up. We cut off more branches to make rooom for the floor and walls and tossed them over the side into the stickers that grew high up among the surrounding trees and brush. My friend then jumps over the side and pulling me with him. At first the nest of pine boughs held. Then we plummeted fast, but it was actually more like an elevator ride the way it stopped at the bottom. Pretty fun actually. Am I the only one that's been hit in the head with a baseball bat?
  11. Spray armor

    What if both people are wearing the optional force field (assuming this option has been manufactured more than once). The first time it bounces back at twice the force. Then twice that, and so on. Pretty soon it reaches the speed of light. Then what happens. The speed of light is supposed to be a constant (or is it?) Well if it doesn't bounce back at twice the speed of light then I think you sir are guilty of fraudulent advertising. On the other hand if it becomes faster than the speed of light you may be able to go on the lecture circuit, do a bunch of hand waving mathematics and eat croissants and orange juice for breakfast every day.
  12. 80's Lyric Friday

    quote: Howard Jones no one is to blame???/ what is the title?? Howard Jones, No One Is to Blame produced by & backup vocals by Phil Collins Here's another: As the evening turned to rain Watch the water run down the drain As we followed him down to the station. And though he never would wave goodbye You could see it written in his eye, As the train rolled out of sight, bye bye...
  13. 80's Lyric Friday

    an easy one: You can see the summit but you can't reach it It's the last piece of the puzzle but you just can't make it fit Doctor says you're cured but you still feel the pain
  14. I'm taking my own life....

    Well there's bad turkey sandwiches and bad turkey sandwiches At least you got the west coast variety. [ 10-14-2002, 10:01 PM: Message edited by: not a climber ]
  15. I'm taking my own life....

    I didn't know there was such thing as a good box lunch. Why can't they just close Bellevue on Saturday's? Is Bellevue really that important?