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  1. Red Rks Oct. 13-22

    Pm or lv comment Just a few details to wrk out
  2. Joshua Tree 12/18-1/1

    Webster and Hamaker are driving down. Anyone else headed down?
  3. Looking for partners on Vashon

    To the top.
  4. Chamonix Summer 2015

    Ah Oui. Ce-la m'intriuge. Quelle vois vous interese? What routes have you got your eyes on? ( and what grade and dificulty would they be close to in the Yosemite Decimal System?) Let me check travel costs. Veuillez agréer, Monsieur, l'expression de ma considération distinguée. JHamaker
  5. I just moved back onto the Island and am looking forward to an extra hour or two to get to the mountains. I climb - rock, choss, snow, ice, dirt I ski - ha not this yr. usually x-c, b.c., tele, randone, and even lift serve. I boat - kayak (sea and river to III Cl), cruise, and sail my mom's Catalina 27 in most any conditions. I hike I explore! I invite one and all to Jensen Point on Burton Pen. for coffee and slide-shows. James Hamaker KF7NYC
  6. A party of (three) of us will be (skiing) the Ptarmigan Traverse from S to N (Suiattle R. to Cascade Pass) the week of Memorial Day and would like to do a key/car exchange. Contact me here or on TAY.
  7. One day winter alpine suggestions?

    See "Winter Climbs" by Dallas Kloke.
  8. Desert Climbing, Late Nov. til ???

    We have a party of four leaving Nov. 23rd for at least a week. Three of us have expressed a high intrest in grade III's and IV's in the 5.8 to 5.10- range. If we get annother person or two interested we will probably add a car and or extend the trip. Last call.
  9. Red Rocks 1st Half of Nov.

    So, change of plans. We are leaving Nov. 23 for at least a week. Still interested?
  10. Red Rocks 1st Half of Nov.

    Leaveing the 23rd for at least a week. So far we are a party of four deciding on one or two vehicles. More intrest migh change our driving logistics and extend the stay for two of us.
  11. Red Rocks end of December

    Ouch, short trip. I'll most likey be in JT, but if I can figure out how to get N to RR then I will.
  12. Red Rocks 1st Half of Nov.

    Most of the climbs in Black Velvet Cyn. will be cold in Dec. My contract keeps getting extended so I may miss my hoped for early Nov. trip. At this point I'm hoping some folks can join me at Smith next wk-end for Veteran's Day (Nov. 8 or 9 through the 11th) so we can climb and nail down some dates and ideas.
  13. Red Rocks 1st Half of Nov.

    Here is my bucket list for RR Epinephrine 5.9 IV/V new rt on Windy Pk 5.10 IV Refrigerator Buttress 5.8 IV/V Dream of Wild Turkeys, 5.10a IV Black Orpheus 5.10a IV
  14. Darrington this Saturday

    After much vasilating, Mark W. and I did end up at 3 O'Clock Rk. on Sat. Climbed Revolver and then the two sport climb pitches. Laurel and Daffney climbed Silent Running, and there was also a party on Rubber Soul! I'd go again if the weather warms up a bit or I could find someone to pad up to a climb on Huckleberry Hill/ Exfoliation Dome.