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  1. Blackburn Mtn Rack and REI Panniers paid over $150 for both. Used only a few times. Still in new condition.
  2. This bike has been tuned up every year since its purchase in August 1998. Crankset (ICON) replaced by bike shop in 2001. Except for the new cranks, bar ends, tires and rear rack, everything is still stock. Bike has been riden about 40-80 miles per year. Stored indoors. No rust. Minor scrathes (just paint). On the last tune up (August 2003) the shop couldnt true the front derailer. The chain has problems getting onto the front small chain ring. I needed the bike that day so if they had more time, they may have been able to fix it. Bike comes with the rear rack. Bike does not come with the computer or headlight. This bike retailed for $650 back in 98. I have all of the manuals that came with it. I think its a medium frame. It fits me well, 5'10" 165lbs.
  3. 4 Season hoop tent. Used on two overnight trips. Still in perfect condition. All exterior seams have been sealed. Comes complete with everything (storage sack, stakes, owners manual...everything). No rips, tears, or stains. Carry weight is just under six pounds. MSRP was $525. Selling for $250. Check out: http://www.gearworld.com/Backpacking/Tents/Gear/155.html for more info.
  4. FS: Garuda Kusala 4 season tent $250

  5. FS: Garuda Kusala 4 season tent $250

    Price reduced from $250 down to $225. I can e-mail a few photo's to anyone interested.
  6. Anybody been up recently? Thinking about going this weekend and was wondering about snow conditions.
  7. WTB: Used SnowBoard

    Going to learn how to board this year and don't want to spend a lot on my first one. Looking for a 150-155cm board. Anybody???
  8. Feathered Friends

    What size is it? and what size are they looking for?? Most outdoor retailers follow this policy (no returns on tech, or hardware). Last year a friend of mine took a brand new, unused, tags still attached, helmet back to REI. They finally did exchange it, but only after a long drawn out arrgument.
  9. REI Avalanche class

    I took a 2 day course on Mt. Hood last year. 1 day in the classroom the other in the field. It was tought by Glenn Kessler, one of the lead climbing rangers on Rainier. The course was Recommended by both the American and Canadian Avalanche Association. I highly recommend this course. You might be able to find info about it at MountainSavvy.com
  10. shells

    My grandfather used to own a butcher shop. He sold three types of hot dogs. People didn't buy to many of the cheapest ones. So, he raised the price. Soon after, those dogs became the top seller.
  11. Bivy Sacks for Mtneering?

    I use the ID Unishelter and have never been let down. Weather being covered in snow at Rainier or stuck inside it for 12 hours during a down pour at Glacier Peak. The material on the inside walls always stayed dry. The horseshoe zipper makes it easy to enter and exit. Last month on St. Helens I had my boots and pack inside because of high winds (I have the Exp. length) there is a good amount of room inside.
  12. waterproofing bottom of tent

    I have a Garuda single wall and was wondering what others have used to waterproof the fabric on the bottom of the tent (the reinforcement patches where the poles insert). And can I use the same thing on the nylon bottom as well as the other fabric??
  13. crampons and boots

    Last I checked, REI would not rent crampons to those using regular hiking boots. You had to bring them in and prove that they were rigid enough before they would rent to you. Last October a buddy of mine used Stubia Aluminum strap-ons on Mt. Daniel with no problems. I would think they would work fine on Hood. You can pick them up for around $80.
  14. Looking to buy a hood for my FF Volant Jacket. I really don't want to fork out the big bucks for a new one. If you have one that you could part with, please let me know.
  15. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement side shield for my Julbo glacier glasses? Or How to get in contact with the company??
  16. MSR recalls snowshoes

    MSR has issued a consumer notification regarding all Denali Ascent and red Denali Classic snowshoes manufactured between Sept. and Nov. 2001. These snowshoes were made with a different plastic that tends to crack under extreme flexing or hard impacts. Check the bottom of your shoes for any of these codes: 9/01 or X/01 or Y/01. If you have shoes with any of these codes they can be exchanged through a local retailer or by calling MSR at (800) 531-9531.
  17. Triathalon

    Check out SPORTSETC.com They have info on upcoming triathlons, mt. biking, paddling, marathons........you name it.
  18. Barley used mens size 10. 2001 model. Boots are clean and in new condition. View specs at REI.com Item #683190. $125obo
  19. Looking for room to rent

    My neighbor owns a small house that has a converted shed, 1 room, small bathroom, no kitchen but you can share the kitchen inside the house. $350 month. In the Covington area.
  20. FS: Altimeter Watch

    Selling my slightly used ALTA Altimeter watch made by Sports Instuments. Retail price was $150. Asking $50obo. Watch has some small scratches on the bezel but not on the glass. Has a velcro wrist strap that can be quickly adjusted to fit your bare wrist or fit over your fattest glove. Altimeter reads to 29,000+, alarm, time and all the other fancy functions. Comes with original owners manual and brand new battery.
  21. FS: Altimeter Watch

  22. Plastic and Crampons

    It really comes down to what you need the crampons for? Ice climbing, or glacier travel? You can get away with wearing the boots for most all your climbing activities. But the crampons these days are generally designed for a specific use.
  23. I have noticed that many gear lists for Denali suggest using 2 pads... a therm-a-rest and the ridge rest. Combined they offer an R value of 5.2. and weight of 30ozs (3/4 length ultra light and full length ridge rest). I currently use a Mt. Hardware High Mt. 60. R value is 6.75 and weighs 32ozs. While the overall thickness of the combo is 1.63" (compaired to 1.125"), 4 ounces lighter and 12" longer....The Mt. Hardware pad has a higher R value. What do you all think is a better choice?
  24. REI garage sale

    Last year my climbing partner picked up a new pair of La Sportiva Makalu boots for his 9 year old son. The reason for return, as stated on tag, read "didn't fit". He paid $17.00 for them.