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  1. Assrot

    Big Wall Betty spends many more days in Scholer. Climb a longer route. The smells seem to cancel each other out over time. Betty has spoken.

    If you use Alpine Toms scans you are HURTING the chances of defeating this program. Car parked at trailhead without pass VOTES NO Car parked at trailhead with Tom's fake pass VOTES YES Don't be hoser. Don't vote YES.

    Look more closely at the citation Its not one It is a "notice of non-compliance" this is not a ticket. return it with a note saying you do not support fee demo. All will be cool. Check out this website http://www.wildwilderness.org/ Betty has spoken
  4. SLC

    Little Cottonwood Canyon Zion Tetons are not very close!
  5. Climbers stuck on Glacier

    What is an I-tent.... Sounds lame I prefer my portaledge
  6. How many other Cronic Gumbies out there?

    I want to be a RURP-er
  7. Doug Geeting Aviation Screws Climbers

    Betty has not been to Alaska, but... Jobe or whatever new guys name is said he was waiting in talkeetna...now waiting in Talkeetna would suck...and Betty will go against the cc.com tide to say that DG should have dropped them off a little sooner if possible... But, if Jobe was waiting on the Glacier, perhaps Betty knows why...especially if others were leaving? Don't always assume you know the reason why Doug was so slow to come get you... Did Jobe do something to be a d&*ck to the Base Camp Betty Lisa? If so, plane rides out can definitely be slow to arrive!!! What was Jobe's team name? Betty will find out what you did and let you know... [ 06-28-2002, 03:53 PM: Message edited by: Big Wall Betty ]
  8. Mike Gauthier -- Loose Cannon?

    hardly! that's like saying sk=jkruegar
  9. Mike Gauthier -- Loose Cannon?

    Is it just Betty, or are the new chicks on this site kind of rude? Used to be the chicks (not counting Donna Top Step) were rare and cool. hollyclimber and ehmmic don't go dissen gator... Duchess, pay attention to your elders and follow their example. Betty has spoken.
  10. Success cleaver

    Per the Mt Rainier site, there are no reported ascents of this route this year. It is a rarely done route, and from what I have heard, for a good reason. It sucks. The kind of route to do when you have done everything else. If you want that same approach and solitude, climb the Tahoma Glacier. Betty has spoken.
  11. Eldorado approach warning

    I fell in there once...with my backpack on too! Kind of scary but at least it was on the way out so it was ok that I was wet. Luckily, I caught a branch on my way in, so I didn't get swept away. That's why I gotta stay on the Big Walls... BWB
  12. Crowds at Vantage.

    Vantage Choss has some good opportunities to stay in shape for big cliffs of Mother Stone. When there you can pretend like you are doing real climbing and get/stay in shape for that. But, the truth has been spoken. Vantage sucks and so does everyone who climbs there outside the training window. Climbing in Vantage in June is only for the lamest sport climbers. But, natural selection works, which is why Vantage Choss comes crashing down regularly. No self-respecting legitimate climber would have been climbing at Vantage anytime recently. Unless they live in Vantage...that is the only excuse. And who lives in Vantage?
  13. The Mountaineers

    It is my understanding that Fred Beckey has an honorary membership in the Mountaineers...ie they inducted him. Maybe with his permission, but I don't think he was really part of them. Betty has spoken.
  14. sport climbing in the olympics

    Special Ed- The poor guy must have never made it to Yosemite. Or, maybe if he did he had poor eyesite. Otherwise, he would know that watching Big Wall climbs is VERY POPULAR and EXCITING. It is even more fun when the climbers have a radio connection to the meadows. Poor poor specialed. And then he has to go and try to cover up his misfortune by pretending like he doesn't know the fun involved. Betty
  15. What is your favorite Big Wall?

    RURP- This is Betty. Of course, my favorite Big Wall is any Wall climbed in the valley with RURP. And, if I don't have my hammer with me, it cannot be a favorite. Betty