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  1. Hood conditions?

    Illumination Rock from the west a week ago on 2/29/08
  2. [TR] Mt. Rainier - DC- "ish" route 7/30/2007

    Go ahead on 'er, Mike. I wish I'd gotten some pics of the bridge areas but you went by us so fast on the descent the wind tore the camera right out of my hands. All things considered the variation is a really a pretty route right now.
  3. [TR] Mt. Rainier - DC- "ish" route 7/30/2007

    I stole this excellent pic of Rainier from the TR on Little Tahoma and drew in (as best as I can tell) the wanded DC variation. We summitted on Sunday via this route, and although the route was fairly solid in the morning, walking under the seracs and over some of the bridges in the afternoon got pretty nervy. We dubbed the first area with the fixed line the Hillary step for drama enhancement. The other crossings we dubbed just plain sucky. I'd agree that this is a much longer variation than the DC. Little Tahoma at dawn: Rounding the "soft bridge" at 12,500:
  4. A good dream

    Yup, here's more to drool at... (sorry if the first one is large, but there is climber detail on pitches 2-4) and above the ledge:
  5. St. Helen's Before The Blast

    Yup, 1979 on my birthday via Dogs Head. I remember it as an exciting climb but I was only 12 and it was my first experience on a glacier... We camped in the parking lot above Spirit Lake and watched meteors all night. Incredible glissade down the bobsled run.
  6. Chimney Rock, E. Face Direct

    We rappelled with 2 50's so I can't help you much; my impression was that the terrain from the summit to the main ledge system was broken and offered good rap points. You could certainly make it work and wouldn't get stranded anywhere. Once you are on the ledge, it's a simple traverse then downclimb through the main gully system back to the glacier.
  7. Yoakum Ridge

    It's Yocum. And that's as close as I'm gettin' to it.
  8. Mckinley Approach

    Holy shit, ever seen the lower Kahiltna? It's looks like Hells' own asshole ( to quote Bob Reeves when referring to another area). Anybody who has done this approach must be able to levitate over crevasses. Good luck and go early.
  9. Ramona Falls, Mt. Hood

    Wayne1112 mentioned a few years back he'd scoped it also. Might want to get ahold of him. If anyone knows about developing chossy Oregon crags it'd be him.
  10. New Forum?

    Huh? how dat happen?
  11. New Forum?

    I agree with Iain, less is more. The easier it is to see what folks are up to (or spraying about) the better. I think it adds harmony to the CC community and possibly contributes to world peace.
  12. New Forum?

    I agree with Iain, less is more. The easier it is to see what folks are up to ( or spraying about) the better. I
  13. Name that summit.

    Well this might be cheating but the image is called Shasta.jpg
  14. funny in August

    Is he the Fed-Ex delivery guy?
  15. vapor barrier socks

    If you are really concerned about keeping your liners dry, just suck it up and sleep with them in your bag, they come out toasty in the morning. An ounce of maintenance is worth a pound of technology.