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  1. Hey Skisports

    its true i dont like to quote pm's like amber did but first he was like "where do you go to school, i go to school too" then "do you want to go to canada with josh and me" and when i suggested i didnt like 3 ways especially with guys i didnt know he started slagging me and calling me a lesbian and an avatar whatever that is anyway you guys are the same i bet im not the first girl he's tried this approach on look out for this guy girls the nice approach doesnt last long
  2. Sheriffs Badge

    hi jake you are always asking for information on aid routes but you never tell us anything how many of these aid routes are you doing? can we have a TR or are you just dreaming of aid?
  3. Mt. Index Super Couloir?

    hey, i think all the hardmen want to have spindrift couloir on their tick list instead once you do it, and if you spray about it, a lineup will form
  4. delicate male egos?

    I would like to get together with a hard man, ooops I mean hardman This Miloshk Avatarpov sounds like the man for me. Too bad he's married Why are all the good ones taken
  5. Can anyone help me???

    there is some sweet granite near Renton.
  6. How Light is too Light?

    Alli, I find that nice, tight leather pants make a good wind breaker. Don't you?
  7. A special day for the men

    I'm usually not one to kiss and tell, but maybe just this once. Johnny and I have actually had a three-way going with Amber. Johnny thought he died and went to heaven when Amber and I gave him "the show".
  8. A special day for the men

    Oh the men deserve all the treatment they get. They just have to make sure they return the favors johnny destiny and I are intimate sometimes. There aint nuttin wrong with some luvin and rubbin.
  9. Belay Ledge Sex

    who needs a ledge, some chimney are big enough for two, if they are "back and knee", they go "back and back" just as easily
  10. RIP Fallen Comrades

    Shoot axeweilder and teach him better not mess with pistol packin mama.
  11. RIP Fallen Comrades

    18 you silly
  12. Nobody can moderate me
  13. i thought I was your avatar Ray. are you two timing me with this "fern" avatar??? Naughty naughty!
  14. The new rant:The utter trash here. Who are the rea

    The only people who "get a Daisy" around here are... well...
  15. Scott'Tain Scott'wear

    Allison and I were gabbbing while we checked our makeup in the powder room and she said that scott'teryx should change his name to Hot'teryx . I hink that famous list just got an extra name on it