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  1. Googlism

    avatar is a course that teaches you a simple set of practical avatar is a powerful and speedily effective avatar is unique avatar is a good avatar avatar is wonderful avatar is better??? avatar is found avatar is he? avatar is playing make4 avatar is delivered avatar is a graphical icon that avatar is a course that teaches you a simple set of practical tools that you can use to manage your everyday life as you choose avatar is about choice avatar is a set of tools that allows people avatar is hard to mime avatar is a simple yet feature rich batch job scheduling utility avatar is tiny avatar is? avatar is better??? we're talking class avatar is found i've found my avatar avatar is a 3rd of the points cost and is rather weak in terms of being god avatar is he? dr avatar is een pop die op het beeldscherm verschijnt avatar is the most powerful avatar is a swf file avatar is a computerized image you might use in a 3d chat room to represent yourself to others in that chat room avatar is a gentle avatar is the first and only international spa in nepal of its kind in the himalayan kingdom avatar is a haven in the middle of lush pokhara valley where the fulbari resort and spa is built and developed for your luxurious gratifications and avatar is currently being delivered argentina * aruba * australia * austria * bahamas * belgium * belize * bermuda * brazil * canada * chile avatar is a technology avatar is a "squirrel" organization avatar is a learning system designed to help people lead more successful and fulfilling lives avatar is 22kb vrml2 avatar is the premiere personal developement course in the self help category avatar is revealed avatar is a powerful and speedily effective course that's based on the simple truth that your beliefs will cause you to create or attract situations and events avatar is a separate being avatar is reasonable avatar is a little like dancing with a cartoon after avatar is a little like dancing with a cartoon after it's shimmied its way off the screen avatar is a graphical icon that represents a real person in cyberspace avatar is a tool for those who will use it avatar is about every reality that is avatar is 1 avatar is considered to have temporarily "died" avatar is the fearless manifestation of the eldar war god kaela mensha khaine avatar is in wireframe avatar is jim avatar is an experiential course based on exploring how we believe avatar is a course based upon the simple concept that your beliefs will cause you to create or attract the experiences you are having avatar is a living avatar is the first fully concious ebb creature to be created for over 200 years avatar is a fighter made immortal or raised to spiritual demigod status by a higher power avatar is in a remote avatar is easily disrupted; the character avatar is an investment in the rest of your life avatar is een praktische en ervaringsgerichte training avatar is a highly effective troop type avatar is for you avatar is a word that is commonly heard but rarely understood avatar is a publicly held company avatar is nothing more then a very compact world fulfilling some constraints in dimensioning avatar is sarah michelle gellar argent avatar is adam beach chase avatar is casper van diem devin avatar is adam garcia galain avatar is brad pitt hunter avatar is rumored to be james cameron's next project after titanic avatar is a powerful and effective 9 day course based on the simple truth that your beliefs will cause you to create or attract situations and events that you avatar is avatar is a flexible workflow system designed to help teams of people who work together on projects to "work smart avatar is an awakening experience avatar is said to be capable of entering into a 100 avatar is appropriate for the time of its advent avatar is loaded into a vrml multi avatar is published bi avatar is added/removed to avatar is just a couple of hundred feet up on the right hand side avatar is not avatar is a character shaped like humans that operates in cyber space and acts as the other self of netizens avatar is supported avatar is an excavation company avatar is a temporary container for the essence of divinity avatar is actually made out of anywhere from 1 avatar is the visual "handle" or display appearance you use to represent yourself avatar is the incarnation avatar is // controlled avatar is the most powerful self avatar is a representation of you
  2. Hey Skisports

    Daisy wants you to stop pm'ing her. She thinks you are a stalker.
  3. Nutz

  4. Nude Ascents

    What routes in Wash have had nude ascents and which still need FNA? Daisy and I are planning this coming summer.
  5. Dogs?

    Dogs in the wilderness, or even rural areas, are fair game and may be hunted. Personally I have bagged about 10 shepherds and 6 or 7 golden labs that ran up and tried to bite me. after the owners saw my .45 they didnt complain, anymore
  6. to avatar is to spray
  7. Rain rain and shit

    I dropped acid and soloed the Twight route.
  8. Canadian Rockies

    Man those grades sound SOFT to me. Like about a grade soft. Professors 5+? What you smokin man?
  9. AA

  10. AA

    It's out. Competence and hard work are back in vogue. The right person for the job so to speak.
  11. Alp 1

    Dru- You should practice hooking on some of your dingleberries to reach your belay cave.
  12. Climbers are kind of narrow minded and boreing

    Girls have called me Cheap before "Chepe lay"
  13. quote: Originally posted by Cleophus: Okay. I guess I haven't been clear enough. My motivation is NOT to be in the "top 2%" My question is do you find that by enjoying personal challenge you end up going farther in your endeavors than 9 out of 10? I don't do things to be better than anyone else. I do them to be better than I was yesterday OR because I enjoy them. I find that when I enjoy them, I really latch on to it and get involved. I already stated that I don't plan to be in the top 2% of climbers. Just go farther than 9 out of 10 (again these are numbers that illustrate a point) outdoor enthusiasts. I don't know if I can explain it any better. It always seemed to me that the climbers I knew were people that enjoyed self challenge. All I am asking is "Do you find that enjoyment of self challenge in other parts of your life?". Forget it. Jesus. I also don't think that saying "I'm a damn good diver is chest beating". It wasn't meant to impress, I know lots of them. I already said I know there are many more out there that are better than I. I don't see the problem in recognizing your own aptitude at something. You know it's ok to say you are good at something if you are. I wouldn't have even brought it up if it wasn't in an effort to aid in defining my question which clearly needed more definition. I don't mind the trash talk, but seriously, I wasn't trying to "beat my chest". I was just talking about it. I suppose this sport lends itsef to more annoying chest beaters than most and that's probably why I got smacked. I'm sorry, that wasn't my intent. From now on, it's pure trash talk and questions from me for awhile. If you dont care to be in the 2% milk then why the hell bother to include the backpackers. I gotta say some of those backpackers you say you are better than could hike you into the ground so exactly what makes you better than them?
  14. quote: Originally posted by Heinouscling: About the only chest beating I've seen on this site is when someone climbs a really fun, high quality route, and it also happens to be hard. That person wants to talk about the route because maybe its so fun, (s)he feels that others need to know about it so that others can experience the climb. Or maybe the climber is interested in some beta on the crux. -Heinous About the only chest beating Ive seen on this site aside from 2% milk dud here, is ol' Anus Jing making up for small dick by telling us how he can ALMOST!!!! do 1-move wonder 11d.
  15. New Avatar

    I like girls with scars on the backs of their hands, pit hair, fuzzy legs, and no bra.