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  1. Join us this weekend to celebrate the opening of our new shop on Bainbridge Island. Leave your car at home; we're only three blocks from the ferry terminal on Bainbridge. Besides having tons of great raffle prizes and giveaways, we also have a limited quantity of the Keith Lazelle print "Half Dome at Dawn", score one of these awesome prints with a purchase of $50 or more.(while supplies last) Come on down, buy a raffle ticket($1 each) or 20 and win some great gear for your fall & winter outdoor adventures. Remember all proceeds from the raffle and 10% of sales this weekend will be split between Islandwood Outdoor Learning Center and The Big City Mountaineers. See you there! Wildernest Outdoor Store 310 Winslow Way East Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 206-780-8527 info@wildernestoutdoorstore.com
  2. New shop on Bainbridge Island

    I don't think it's possible to bunch the new Ibex merino thong is it...ouch! Thanks for your well wishes.
  3. New shop on Bainbridge Island

    Yeah, this was meant more as a Tongue-in-cheek crack on the lack of climbing equipment to be found on the peninsula. First Mt Constance closed, then Olympic Mountaineering closed, so we really had no choice but to add a meager selection of climbing gear to our shop. The community came to me with a need and I have tried to fill it as best I can. Besides, having a full size run of camalots and nuts give the display case the credibility it lack's otherwise...it's next to a wall of Crocs;) Steve
  4. Hey CC's, Not sure if you heard yet but Wildernest Outdoor Store is opening another shop down on Bainbridge Island. We are maxing out our Port Townsend shop and had an opportunity to take over the old Classic Cycle shop on Winslow Way. Do you know of anyone that might be interested in working with us and helping develop a shop dedicated to total gear dominance on this side of the water? I also don't pretend to know everything about everything so I'm hoping the community might have some fresh ideas/feedback on what you want in a outdoor store/gear shop. Obviously, FF does it right but what's missing? We're hoping to have it up and running later this summer. Please pass along my email to anyone you suspect might be interested - Steve@wildernestoutdoorstore.com Peace, Steve