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  1. Pearly Gates

    Capt. responds to 3 "snoring" greamlins with a tirade that indicates a need for a mood-stabilizing agent. Perhaps, if your anger management problem were less, shall we say, overt; people might approach you with a more open and loving attitude. Nice to see you back, Sir Cavey. Now calm the hell down.
  2. Pearly Gates

    quote: Originally posted by Cpt.Caveman: Oh so allison wants to be big talker too hehee. Well allison I dont understand why you keep being hostile towards me or condescending. I can only say one thing. Fuck off. You asked for it. Besides are you even a climber?
  3. Rainier Partner

    Perhaps the guy meant that he DIDN'T want to do a difficult route, like Lib. Ridge , and would prefer an easier route.
  4. You call this jibberish SPRAY!

    However, if one can breath, with using one's mouth...That would be good for a date. Let's hear it for gills.
  5. You call this jibberish SPRAY!

    Some serious homophobia. Or is it pisciphobia?
  6. Ted Nugent / My sentiments exactly

    What I meant to say was-I HAVE read Schlossers excellent book, I have read Trask's and alpinek's less than excellent feedback, and it didn't make me want to be a vegan, as much as it made me want to be union. And Ted N. remains talentless, unless you call making noise without light talent. Try Springsteen, you nut suckers.
  7. Ted Nugent / My sentiments exactly

    It's good to know an animal you're about to kill with a high-powered rifle. I mean, a beast with limited intelligence, without a chance to fight back, might present the challenge to those "hard men" who have their manhood reinforced by their death. And think of the tasty burgers.
  8. Ted Nugent / My sentiments exactly

    And yet you fuck with everyone. Seems like you'd eventually pick someone you could 'wup. And Ted is, frankly, a dickless dude who needs weapons to kill animals an angry child wpuld kill with her bare hands. Are you Ted?
  9. Ted Nugent / My sentiments exactly

    AlpineK=Ted Nugent=Inevitable special education and male prostitution, as long as the ol' prostate holds out.... Hmmm.job. Gotcha in a stranglehold
  10. Drift Police/Civility Coaches

    I am so pissy angry 'cuz some pussy cut me off. Now I shall kill her with my handgun. I am an American. God bless america.
  11. What's that mountain?

    That's Mount Biffington.
  12. What's that mountain?

    Shit, I was worried. I thought some stud topped out on Stuart in early March.
  13. Sleeping pads for cold weather

    Foam, dude, foam.
  14. best of cc.com Muir on Saturday

    And if I'd been on the Mtn. that fateful Saturday, I woulda had to ask for a hit or two, myself.
  15. best of cc.com Muir on Saturday

    As long as idiots smoke inside of enclosed spaces, this thread shall never die. Or maybe it will. Smoke da kine and the evil weed, tobacco, outside, in your home, or in your car. I love you guys. You're all so sweet, kind and understanding of others.