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  1. [TR] Colchuck Peak - North Butress Couloir 06/09/2019

    yeah it was my first alpine climb in about a year, due to an achilles injury, so it was fun to be back out there!
  2. [TR] Inspiration Peak - South Face 09/02/2018

    beautiful photos as always Jason!
  3. wow, strong work! a full Pickets adventure ;-)
  4. beautiful! i hear those bears really like a good scratch behind the ears, right? ;-)
  5. [TR] Ulalach - via Squire Creek Pass 10/24/2017

    Jason, i love that photo of the clouds streaming through the trees, outstanding!
  6. outstanding! as you may know, this route is John Roper's all time favorite. We wanted to climb it this summer, but were out of juice after our Ottohorn climb. Here is a shot of Wild Hair from atop Ottohorn:
  7. an update, i realized after discussing with John Roper that i had accidentally swapped the names of the two Ottohorn subpeaks. The westernmost one, that Marko went up a few weeks before us, is Honk; the middle one is Beep. I like sticking to John's original names.
  8. So beautiful. thanks for sharing (as always!)