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  1. What's up with the clouds?

    If this was the sunshine state, I wouldn't complain about folks not wanting to climb given the forecast for this weekend. But we don't so my turn at spray. What gives? People around here afraid of climbing/hiking in the dark? Do we just bring our headlamps to watch food cook? A little cloudy weather gonna turn you around? I'm no gung-ho dude by any means, I just wanna hear some opinions short of some long lecture on the dangers.
  2. Prusik Peak

    For all those that wonder, Prusik Peak is in condition to climb. We went up June 2-3 and the bivy was cold. From Lake Vivian, it was mainly 3/4 snow to Prusik Pass. Cold climbing brought us up the West Ridge. The first bit of snow you'll hit is after the cairn maze above Upper Snow Lake, and then only in patches. This route is do-able in a day, for those of you who don't have permits, so long as you leave the parking lot around 6am. You don't need crampons or an ice axe. Don't need a whole lot of gear either as the belays are solid with plenty of rocks to sling.
  3. Want to climb this weekend Boston Basin

    The fear, the horror!! We may be just one Forbidden Peak between us! (I have no clue at this point if we're headed up Adams or Forbidden) Glad to see somebody's dropped you a line. I'll try not to drop any gear if you're below. Well, I sure won't drop any "gear". -Gary
  4. I Know You're Out There.

    I'm scared of Caveman. I fear if I ever meet him on the outside, he'll pick me up like a ragdoll and toss me around, the big lughead he is. I'm also fearfull of climbing which is why I read all the trip reports out of my monthly Mountaineers magazine and modify them so I can post a climb I just "did" on this site. What I'm looking for is an internet-chick that digs my style. I fear someone will find out what my identity really is. I fear I am the only one to have a picture of Ronald Reagan smiling, framed in his house. I fear I will not be accepted by all these hardcore climbers on this site. This one really chokes me up all day, makes me wanna cry. But now that I've found you, Wil Carter, you're my diamond sparkling in the sunshine.
  5. North Face of NW Ridge, Mt. Adams

    Damn dude, that's some of the best beta I've gotten and more than I'd ever expected! Thanks to you both for the insight, I'll post again when we get back monday.
  6. why do fat woman where lycra?

    I personally would respect the 400 pound male or female that throws on their swimsuit or spandex. Not that I'm attracted to that, but they're folks too and y'all should show more respect for people different than what you like. And I definitely agree with who-ever made the comment about stick women. Who the hell thinks they're attractive?? Holy hell, they look scrawnier than a broom handle and it amazes me the magazines push them as beauties. Ya' want beauties, pull out the girlie mag or go to a strip club where (hopefully) there are no stick women. THAT'S what guys like, obviously.
  7. work!?

    Umm, Johnny, spandex coated cellulite is a good thing. All hail female sport-climbers!
  8. mt baker ice climbing

    I think Rod's right. Little climbs for little climbers like me.
  9. work!?

    Nobody could guess what my job entails.
  10. West Ridge Mt Thompson (Snoqualmie Pass)

    Heck yeah it was worth the approach. We were no way near as fast as Cascade Climber, but the whole route was enjoyable and the weather was great. It was hilarious this time because the same buddy and I tried Mt Thomson last year as our first trad multi-pitch climb. We thought we had gotten 200 feet up before bailing (we were sloooowww, and by CascadeClimber standards, we still are), but in actuality, we weren't but one pitch up. It's funny how perceptions change. If we had more sunshiny weekends in the year than we do, I'd love to go back and climb it again. Maybe another year. Have fun.
  11. West Ridge Mt Thompson (Snoqualmie Pass)

    A buddy and I did it as a day trip this past Saturday. Leave the crampons and ice axe at home. There's some snow to descend from Bumblebee, but nothing that made it hard for me to self-arrest with hands and feet... oops. The scree on the approach is probably the hardest part of the climb. Basically you'll scramble up to the notch and start off to the left going left/up until in a chimney of sorts. Top out over the rocks and then head up left towards the bushes. Big ol' root is one fine anchor. Of which, notice the 40+pound rock sitting against it and the gash it left in the root. About 20 feet up my partner pulled it free and sent me to pucker-land as I dove for cover, missing me by a foot. Beware loose rock... So the second pitch just goes straight up from that root and I can't remember. Just stick to the ridge as much as possible. If you get in to a bunch of lichen or hard climbing, you're off route. Once you break up onto the slab (a way easy slab you easily walk on), just follow the corner on up, it's a helluva lot easier than taking the face just past the corner and that damn tree. I can't remember, but I think it's some six pitches. You'll hit the false summit then go down to base and keep climbing up the last bit of the west ridge before you top out. Friggin' huge ass piton somebody bashed in on top. Descend by following ridge east, I think you'll keep heading east until you come down on two trees where you can do a single rope rap down to another set of trees with obvious webbing. Another single brings you down to some easy down scrambling. Keep along the foot path that sticks close to the ridge. You'll reach an obvious saddle with snow on the ridge and descend a light footpath down. There's water to be had at the lakes and also at the base of Thomson (streams). And there's booty to be had!! We got two singles and two biners on our trip! As for pro, we had basically a full set of stoppers and 1, 2, 3 camalots. I'd leave the 3 at home next time. Rope drag was a huge problem for me as I tried to go the full length on the slab once I climbed up on it, to maximize the pitch. It was extremely difficult if not impossible to communicate with my partner and took a big effort to make sure the rope was tight on him versus friction on rock. Quite a few rocks to sling.
  12. mt baker ice climbing

    I'd be kinda interested too. Take a chill pill, Wopper.
  13. Shells is trash!

    Along the aesthetic lines (I was almost feeling guilty on the sunflower seed bit), is it more proper to chew my Levi Garrett or sunflower seeds? Yeah... I don't swallow. I'd think folks would rather see my shells than globs of spit chew on the ground or on route. Biodegradeable (chew) versus aesthetic (shells).
  14. knives for climbing.

    Touching the void, part II. You could always leave the knife at home and just bring a razor blade. Saves weight. Other than that, no, sorry I don't have any useful info.
  15. Canadian Rockies.

    How wired and how much of a nut are you?
  16. Cascade Climbers Pub Club 1st meeting

    Beck, Have the beers there, all the rest of us can whine and bitch and come up with another one later. Good job getting it from gab to reality.
  17. Meet your fellow CC.com typers

    Hey all, how about Jon and Tim schedule a little party for all us CC.com folks. We can put nametags on that indicate our screen names and then mingle and tell stories. A great way to put a screen name to a face and get to know our fellow climbers better.
  18. Just a curious and kewler topic than the rest

    Now that I have Percoset for the kidney stone (pushing pencils is hard labor), I'll be headed up Mt Thompson's West Ridge.
  19. Bolts on Flagpole

    There were rumors that the earthquake did it in, but this isn't true. Funny thing is, while climbing Prusik I saw it, but when I went up Little Annapurna (supposedly the best view of the pole) the following week, I couldn't tell it from any of the other needles. But it's still standing... I think.
  20. Meet your fellow CC.com typers

    It's more of a shin-dig to find out who's all bark and no bite.
  21. Rainier climb

    Oh please, Dan, you know how this internet lashing really hurts my soft feelings. No more abuse... I just can't take it. Have fun climbing!
  22. 6mm static as secondary rap line

    Somebody mentioned something about not rapping off slings. Short of this different rope diameter stuff, you mean you'd rather rap off one rap ring than put the rope through all the slings? I've rapped quite a bit this way, always because the rope stays constant on the slings when loaded. None of the folks I've climbed with have made any mention of it and I certainly think it's wiser than threading that rope through the single ring. What do you all think?
  23. Mount Rainier

    Check out the post for partner(s) in the Mt Rainier section.
  24. Rainier climb

    I've had enough of Dan. Anybody up for climbing Rainier in a day, this Saturday the 30th? DC or ID, weather is supposed to be great.
  25. Pencil Neck read me please

    Please don't hurt me. I'm just a pencil pusher.