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    used to have that one on tape... can't find it now... HOWEVER, the search did lead me to my long lost copy of the uber-classic "Northshore"
  2. yeah... I decided to climb some sweet granite in renton once... dumbest f'n thing ever
  3. This is a good reminder that even though St Helen is non-technical, it can get tricky. It's a big mountain. The only time I've ever been in a mind-altering whiteout was on St. Helens. When we couldn't see more than 10 ft ahead and the whole mountain was covered in a couple inches of rime ice, we too thought we might walk right off the cornice and turned around near the top. The whiteout was so disorienting that we tried to take compass readings off of large rocks in the distance, only to take a few steps and find out that those were small rocks 10 ft ahead of us. We literally ended up on our hands and knees crawling around to look for axe holes in the ice to find the way down. A good arguement for wands.
  4. Juneriver


    Is he trying to dance with that thing? Maybe moondance?
  5. When I had a motorcycle it was WAY more dangerous than my climbing.
  6. Was out mountain biking with a friend, we were a coupla miles from the road and a guy wearing a full three-peice suit and tie came running up to us asking if we had seen a possum running around. We said no and he turned and kept running up the trail. I still can't figure that one out.
  7. I went through this last year in getting life insurance. I was just totally open and honest about all the "dangerous" activities that I do (motorcycles, climbing, etc.) because I don't want my wife to be denied benefits when I just croaked for something as stupid as climbing. The agent guy took notes and had me sign some type of disclosure form. In the end, it took an extra day to get approved and the price difference was really minimal. I wondered if they even noticed the disclosure because the agent said I was going to get the ol' dry corncob when it came to pricing, but it really wasn't bad at all. For me, it's worth the peace of mind knowing that my family won't have to deal w/ the hassle after I kick it.
  8. How long does it take to die once you are drawn and quartered? Just wonderin.....
  9. What kind of sleeping bag? Condition?
  10. 22.159 ANTS ARE BAD!!
  11. Are there glue-ons at 38? I know it's chipped... but I haven't seen glue-ons.
  12. I did it 3 years ago in 8 days. We hit 7 peaks on the way through and it was pretty lesiurely. Most of the peaks can be bagged via Beckey 3-4th class with some good routes in the low 5th range. I would definitely take a rope and small alpine rack. The glacier travel is a good portion of the trip so know crevasse safety/rescue, although they are pretty mellow glacier routes. There is some steep/exposed snow on the route depending on when you do it, so know how to use the ice ax well. You may only get one shot at an arrest if you slip. Also some of the routes up the peaks require steep snow travel. The snaffles are relentless. PM if you have any questions. It's an incredible trip and we have thought about going back to do it in 3-4 days, but it's not really worth rushing if you are hiking it (opposed to skiing).
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