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  1. Yeah, that's my friend's son - what a loss.
  2. I'm good friends with this climber's mom. What a tragedy. Not sure what happened. There was a fall, but don't know if it was during the ascent or descent.
  3. I believe the five day variation done in 13 hours was by Sam Baker, an orthopedic surgeon (now retired) who lives in Port Angeles. This guy is an animal! I was a pharmacist at Olympic Memorial Hospital 1981 to 1984, and this guy was legendary for his strength and endurance. If I remember correctly, he was an alternate on the U.S. Olympic XC team. Used to see him going up the the Hurricaine Ridge Road on his ski trainers.
  4. I think my daughter shared some of her freez-dried bacon and eggs with one of the members of your party (both of them said it tasted like yellow sponge bits).
  5. Hey, which tent was yours? I had my daughter and a friend using my yellow Sierra Designs Omega Light tent, and I was in a green Bibler bivy. I think I heard you guys pull in Wednesday night while I tried to catch some sleep.
  6. Climb: Mt. Rainier-DC Date of Climb: 7/14/2005 Got my daughter and a friend up the DC route yesterday morning. Some of the best weather I've ever had on Rainier. But the coolest thing of the entire trip was that there was a 7 year old who summitted! This kid was amazing! Great attitude, stamina and technique. And no, he wasn't with a guided party, he was with his parents. I'll remember this for the rest of my life. I grin every time I think about it.
  7. You can camp at the lake, but the usual camp is at the upper end of the Valley of Silent Men where the two forks of Lena Creek join. This camp can be pretty dark and gloomy, but it does put you real close to the base of the climb.
  8. If you're in good shape, do it in one day. Sleep in the car, leave around 5:00AM. The trail to Lena is a cruise that you can do in your running shoes. I usually don't boot up until I get into the Valley of Silent Men. I havn't roped up for The Brothers the last six (out of eight) times that I've done them. Days are almost as long as they get, so you'll have lots of daylight.
  9. Did the Bailey Range back in September 1976 before it became really popular. Went in via the Soleduc, down the range, traversed over Mt. Olympus, down the Hoh to the Olympus Guard Station, then up the Hoh Lake trail to the High Divide and down the Deer Lake trail back to the car. All in 6 & 1/2 days. First camp on the trail a couple of hours from the car. Second camp on the side of Cat Peak (I think it's called Bear Grass Meadow). Third camp at Cream Lake. Fourth was a bivy at the foot of the Humes Glacier. Fifth at Glacier Meadows. Sixth at Olympus Guard Station. Still stands out as one of the best trips of my life.
  10. In a "usual" snowfall year the north side of Cameron Pass would possibly require carrying an ice axe; this year, who knows? Also, if you plan to go up the Long Ridge trail to Dodger point, then descend to the Elwha River ford at Remann's Cabin, you might want to check what the river level is just before you leave for your trip. The ford is reasonable (mid to upper thigh deep) late in the season, but in late June you might be looking at some chest deep water.
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